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  1. is anyone else from yorkshire?
  2. Hey everyone! I am new to the forum scene! im from Yorkshire! I purchased my Lupo as a first car a few months ago and i got to the stage now where i need it lowering! So ive gathered enough information on which coilovers to go with and i have decided on AP's. However i want to know the cheapest place for them ive found some at £380.00 inc VAT and want to hear if anyone else has found them cheaper? Cheers - Frudd! heres what it looks like now, all standard apart from wind deflectors ... if the picture works.
  3. i cant manage to post a picture ive tried using photobucket but it says cant use that extension
  4. hmmmmm, seems like a logic point haha can you recommend any nice wheels for her?
  5. Hey everyone new member from Wakefield I bought my first Lupo and its a 1.4 s in Jazz Blue! I was just wondering what to do with it, as in mods. I want to lower it and get some Weller Wheels for it! however im no good with the mechanical side of things and have no clue where to start! Do i lower the car first or put the new wheels on? I've been looking at some 7x13 Weller Wheels, would i need the arches rolling? LUPO.jpg here she is if the picture works, ive not come to grips on how to use this yet Help would be appreciated! Frudd!
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