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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone could help me price up a 2004 Lupo 1.0L I have seen a few online get snapped up for a decent amount even in non-running condition so just wondering what you would all value it at - ideally do not want to scrap! Problems Rear boot catch pushed into - so need to put a bit of pressure on the boot to open (no structural damage) Suspected gear box issue - gears not quite going into action all the time (so would consider underivable currently) Pros: Great interior - little internal wear and tear Great paintwork - no bubbling and still has her shine Only 2 owners - plus service history from date it was manufactured
  2. So it's been a while since I've posted on ClubLupo. I think it was around 5 years ago now when I parted out my reflex silver 1.4 75hp, that was on air ride, with a 3L front, BBS Bugatti's and Work Meisters. It sure was a fun time and a great car that made me meet so many awesome people of which some I still speak to today. Here's a couple of how that Lupo was before I partied it out and sold it. Now the reason we're here. My fiance had always missed that Lupo, she did buy a 1985 Mazda 323 a few years ago, but due to Covid and life etc she didn't get round to getting her license and when we moved house the 323 sat there for 18 months as we didn't know what to do with it, it required too much welding to be worth it to us, afterall we pulled it out of a field for £500, drove it 20k miles and then parked it. So on our end, we had got our enjoyment out of it and had sold it on to someone who had 4 of them who is now getting it back on the road, good deed done there. She had been looking for quite sometime, originally she wanted a Cambridge as she fell in love with the colour, and having been to university in Cambridge she felt the need to have one. With the only one coming up on autotrader in that time being in Birmingham, she started to look for other unique and fun lookign combinations. And one day, she stumbled upon this 1.0 Yellow Open Air. A bit rough around the edges, but a large amount of history, been looked after by one family from new. And a numberplate that says WTF. Well, we almost couldn't pass it up, especially for what it was listed for. So we figured it would make a perfect first car & first real project for her. A small amount of body damage, but mostly carpark marks etc from over the years, nothing that can't be fixed. Tim, if you're reading this because you did say you looked at the Lupo forums occasionally. Thank you for looking after this Lupo for many years, I do hope you approve of what you see. From picking this Lupo up, half a lap around the M25 home, we started talking about the plans for it and where Sophien wanted to take it. With some notes scribbled down, a few links saved we started to have a direction. Now, Sophie has said she doesn't want to go in to deeply yet while she is still learning to drive properly. So for the most part the beginning will just be cleaning things up, repairs and a few cosmetic things.
  3. Hi, I have a seat arosa 1.0 and some time ago I cleaned the throttle body. Later when I started the engine idle sets on 2000 rpm and starts to oscillate to 2500. I tried to calibrate the throttler with a vag control and check if something was wrong with the throttle itself, but the problem is still there. I don't find any leak on collector system and the only error code vag gives me is the idle control works wrong. Furthermore, I tried anything and I don't know what more to do. Also, I changed the sparks plugs and the cables and still the same. The last thing I'm thinking is change the whole throttle body, but is an expensive repair for a 99's car. I don't know if there is a correlation, but another problem is the fuel consumption is so high for a 1.0 it consumes 7 liters for 100 km with a passive driving. I'm not used to write in this language, so sorry for my confusing writing.
  4. I Bought some GTI headlights made to fit 1.0, they’ve been working fine for months and not got the problem with them turning off on their selves sometimes it’s just the left light and then sometimes it’s both when the lights turn off I have to turn them off and back on multiple times and they will come back on and if that doesn’t work I have to turn the car off and back on and they light up again. When the lights turn off the side lights sometimes stay on but really dim. Also when the lights turn off you can no longer hear the switches inside the lights clicking when going from low beam to high beam. I have checked the wiring inside the lights they seem fine , the pins inside the connectors had abit of corrosion but I have cleaned them up. Just to mention it only has a cheap £30 ballast, don’t know if that has to do with anything. any help is appreciated, TIA
  5. Hi, I recently bought a 2003 Seat Arosa S 1.0 with 42k miles on it. Had an original timing belt so had that and the water pump swapped. I've recently noticed an intermittent ticking noise after the engine starts, which by the time i get to the destination seems to have stopped. Does this sound bad? I've done some research and have heard it could be tappets? Are these worth changing? Also i've been unable to fill up with petrol the whole way, the dash says its at half after i fill up, anyone had this problem?
  6. I recently bought a VW lupo 1.0 and it has an issue with the heater that it doesn't work on any setting it originally had an issue with water leaking into the car due to blocked drain holes below the windscreen. The car has had the entire interior removed bar the dashboard ,doorcards and the headliner everything else had been removed to be cleaned and dried out. After this had been done I moved onto the issue of the heater not working so I bought a used heater resistor which is known good but still didn't work. The fan is fully functional as was tested by being connected directly to the battery the fuse has been tested and replaced and is not the issue does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?
  7. I've bought a new relay to replace in my arosa 1.0. when going to change relay 109, I can't seem to find it where the other relays are. Am I suppose to replace the 109 relay with another relay? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Any suggestions appreciated
  8. Since I got my 1.0 2005 over a year ago, when the boot is opened the interior light does not come on and when opening the driver (RHD) door the light only illuminates when the door is partially latched (however is off when the door is either open or closed). However the Passenger side operates normally. Because it is both the drivers door and boot Idk if the issue is with the switches on each door or if it is likely to be more central? Has anyone got an ideas on what might be going on? Any feedback is much appreciated
  9. Daniel01


    Vw lupo parts for sale. Some gti parts still available!
  10. Bought my first car month, a Reflex silver Lupo 1.0 with only 27k miles from new. Here's a picture of when i first got it This is how the car looks now Mods so far: -Removed bump strips -Polo 6r stubby aerial -Heko wind deflectors -Pioneer head unit -6000k HID Xenon headlights -LED Interior light -LED number plate lights -LED Sidelights -Front indicators tinted yellow - Lupo sport front bumper Have a lot of other things i plan on doing in the future but it'll do for now. Will be ordering a 60/50mm AP suspension kit later this week as well as fitting some 14" passat steels. I'll post some more pics up once everything is fitted.
  11. So some time I start my car and its perfectly fine, idols fine and revs fine, does have any rev hang at all then sometimes I start it and the revs just keep climbing till near 2k rpm and take ages to come back down to earth. Also sometimes it only starts happening after long drives then other days after doing the same drive it dosent happen. Would this be down to vaccum lines? I'm pretty certain I've no vaccum leaks but I'm looking for some answers or suggestions ?
  12. Hello fellow Lupo nuts who are still here. I’m looking as swapping the 1.0 MPI engine out my MK1 Arosa for a Lupo Sport 1.4 16v. Now I know the basics but asking for some help clarifying some bits... - Key/immobiliser. Since my Arosa doesn’t have an immobiliser do I need to swap the barrels and interior wiring loom?? Especially if the Lupo doesn’t have an immobiliser as well?? - Driveshafts. I’m assuming they are the same and my 1.0 ones will do the job? - Engine mounts. I’m assuming the 1.0 and 1.4 ones are in the same place? its not a massive engine swap so I’m hoping it’s not a complicated one?? The Arosa is off the road so don’t need to do it quickly! If I’m getting bits from a car for ‘breaking’ what should I be asking for?? Many thanks in advance!! Sam
  13. For Sale: Seat Arosa 1.0S 106k FSH Regularly serviced loads of receipts Full MOT as of last week Lupo GTI interior Lupo rear lights Colour Coded Shark Fin Aerial JOM Coilovers Sub & Amp Recent front tyres and tracking, 2 rear tyres are good too. New car forces sale, cracking little car served me well over the 7 years had no problems, text message 07859433407 for more details. £700 ono will listen to sensible offers.
  14. Hi all! Been browsing the Club Lupo forum for a couple of weeks now and decided to make an account since I'm going to look at and hopefully buy an Arosa this weekend. Has anyone here used Ingenie Blackbox insurance? or Ingenie insurance in general? They've gave me a great quote compared to what I've previously got and wondered if they're a decent company? How much over the speed limit can you go before you're penalised? Some black boxes let you go 30mph over but it looks like Ingenie is quite harsh with it, not sure though that's why i'm asking. Also, anything else I should know about Lupo's/Arosa's before I go to view one? Anything I should look out for? I'm not a mechanic but I'd like to say i'm pretty car knowledgeable for an IT Student haha Driving and cars are my motivation in life tbh, been a 'petrolhead' since very young. In case anyone's curious: Quote from Ingenie was £1,090 and my previous quote was £1,306. The car i'm going to view is a 2004 Arosa S.
  15. Evening all, I changed the engine in my Lupo as the bottom end was finished. The old engine didn't have an EGR port on the cylinder head but my new engine does. I changed all the wiring but the car misfires and sounds unusual. Is there any way to fix it? I also read a thread on here about the EGR valve making the car misfire. Should i blank it and put the old wiring back on? Many Thanks!
  16. Missing what i think it th oil breather pipe. i just wanted to come here and ask what the point of it is and if i need it? i bought the car and its never had one am i doing damadge by driving without one. total noob here so any helps appreciated, thanks (http://imgur.com/jkqH1Ir)
  17. OllieLup

    BBS RX2

    I've got some bbs rx2's which I had planned to put on my lupo, I bought some cheap 195/50/15 tyres for them As that's what the guy at the garage and my dad recommended,I personally thought they looked way too fat but accepted it and put them on, after only about 3 days id rubbed most of my inner arch out and the tyre wasn't looking great, wondered if anyone knows a good narrower skinnier tyre size which looks alright and what spacers I might need to get a better fitment. Pictures show how it sat with them on, wondering if I'd need to raise it at the front at all. Cheers for any help guys. -Ollie
  18. Hello all. I've owned my little 1.0 Litre Lupo for just a bit over a year. I thought now is the time to finally give an in depth view of how it is sitting currently and how it got to there. This is gonna be very in depth and may be a bit boring to read or look through but I honestly just want to have a permanent place to look at the progression of my little car for my own satisfaction. If even one person finds it interesting then that's just a bonus! So here we go. Lets have a quick look at the car when I bought it in October 2014. I was so excited to just be able to drive any car. A lupo is definitely not what came to mind for my first car but it was volkswagen, with nice blue dials! ooooh very fancy I thought. Now here is how it sits as of around Ocotober 2015. One year later. (Bottom right photo is actually a few months ago, no splitter and some other small things not done to it) Never thought I would still even own this car by now nevermind have it sitting like this. But hey I have grown attached and I'm super excited for where its gonna end up. Lots of stuff still planned for it! Just recently bought a 1600cc 16 valve Polo GTI engine so...yeah Obvious influences from other members of the lupo community. Club Lupo's Haakon colour choice is probably the most obvious. Don_Larss from instagram totally inspired me to put arches on this thing and there plenty of others Ive stole ideas from. So thanks to all who have helped. Anyway its 2:00 in the morning so I'll update this another time with the actual progression from start to now. Then I'll hopefully start posting updates to the finish of this thing! If any of you have read this thanks!
  19. Recently fitted this cup holder/coin tray unit I bought off my mate, it didn't have the little coin tray facia on it so I got it cheaper than normal. I was wondering if it was possible to just buy the little facia for the coin tray part? Cheers guys
  20. Hello! I'm a newbie here. Bought my Lupo last week (a 1.0 E with 47k on the clock). The previous owner has painted the VW badge on the back with black chalkboard paint (cringe) and removed the Lupo name. I've ordered (and now have) a replacement silver VW badge from eBay and am planning to follow this video to remove the current one to replace it. I've also managed to source a Lupo name badge from eBay to stick back on. My issue is spacing, can anybody help with how I should space the letters out to look as original as possible? How far down from the window, how much space between letters etc... Cheers Keith
  21. Ok, need some help my lupo 1.0 is having issues starting /running first i go to start the car , it starts fine , then other times it barely starts takes about 5 seconds then it sounds like only 1 cylinder is firing or something, the whole cars judders, embarassing 2nd , sometimes the epc light comes on and the car wont go past 3000rpm, then it does the same without an epc light , it turns itself off then restarts itself idling at 1000 rpm, usually around 850rpm 3rd , i pull up to the traffic lights then the car dies then struggles to start , just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or any solutions to fix it, cheers
  22. Hi I'm trying to clear two lights on the dashboard for the Oil Pressure and Airbag Warning. With the help of someone on another forum (and their VCDS or Vagcom) I've been troubleshooting and think they are ready to clear. Rather than be on the blag constantly and to get to know the car more I bought one of the bluetooth ELM327 minis available on ebay. It arrived today and despite a few hours work and using several different programs from the google playstore (including Torque Pro) I cannot connect to the Lupo. I can 'see' the device on my phone and there seems to be power to the unit, but the device doesn't 'seem' to talk to the car. Any help if you have had this problem is greatly appreciated.
  23. Hi guys, just after some help, just bought some bbs rx2 wheels for my lupo, and I've seen on other threads that I'll need to buy different bolts to make them fit, if this is the case does anyone know which bolts? cheers, Ollie
  24. I'm looking to buy coilovers for my lupo 1.0, I don't have a huge budget so can't buy kw's or anything that expensive, wondering what was recommended, just for daily road use
  25. OllieLup

    Lowering help

    Hi guys I'm really wanting to lower my lupo when I get enough money to, I was wondering if you could help me by showing me yours and saying how many mm you are down, so I can get an idea of how low I'll be looking to go. Ideally I'd have it on the ground but I need to drive it everywhere without too much worry. But pictures and amounts would be appreciated. Thanks - Ollie
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