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  1. Hi guys! Wondering what the best Coilovers are for a 2008 VW Fox to get it over 70mm lower. I've seen people saying their AP Coilovers go down 100mm but everywhere I read specs for them it says different each time, I'm on a budget so cheaper is good, but most coilovers i've looked at say 30-60mm adjust. These are the ones i've looked at and have caught my eye (Yes eBay because everywhere else i've seen the same coilovers they've been overpriced): JOM Blueline - TA-Technix - Prosport Can anyone tell me if any of those coilovers are good to get 1-2 inch arch gap? or what
  2. My brother who's a mechanic said he'd sort the pedal box if it goes so that's decent i suppose. Gearbox also being a problem on the 1.0's hasn't been replaced on this one, If I decide to buy it i'm gonna top up or check the transmission fluid to make sure it's full to stop 5th gear from starving, should make the box last like any other box hopefully.
  3. Hi guys! im going to view and possibly buy a 2004 Arosa S 1.0 this weekend, the thing that worries me is after looking at all the buying advice etc and common problems, I asked the owner if the pedal box or gearbox has been replaced and he said no. Should I still buy it if they're both in good working condition now? I really don't wanna have to pay out for either of those in the first year of owning it, second year I wouldn't mind so much.
  4. WLKR

    Are Ingenie good?

    Been getting attrocious quotes from admiral, best have been Ingenie, RAC, Auto Saint & Carrot. Ingenie say on their site they won't fine you and their black box isn't used as a speeding camera though.
  5. Had a read through those and it seems the Pedal box is the most noticeable fault, the one I'm going to view hasn't had it replaced is that an issue? Will it need replacing within my first year of ownership? I'll make sure it's fine when I test drive it, and if it's not I'll either negotiate a lower price or not buy it because it seems like a hassle to replace or a money bin to get a garage to replace it.
  6. WLKR

    Are Ingenie good?

    I don't want to sound like I'm intending on breaking the law, the average person most likely wouldn't really care about tolerances/acceptions.
  7. Hi guys! I've got a good quote on Ingenie black box and i'm wondering if they're a good company? I haven't seen any bad things about them. How far can you go over speed limits? I've seen some insurers say 50% over but never over 100, some say 30mph over, but it seems ingenie is quite strict so i presume if any it will only be 5mph. I'm not that bothered i'm just curious for my insurance premiums sake. (I only passed my test 6 days ago and i'm 17, hence the black box)
  8. Curious on how easy is it to put Lupo rear lights onto an Arosa? Apparently the wiring looms need modifying or something, from what i've read. I've done some looking around and I can't really find anything definitive, If someone could give me a simple text tutorial that would be pretty good. (I probably sound very stupid, but i'm a 17 year old IT student who has only recently passed his test, if that explains anything )
  9. Hi all! Been browsing the Club Lupo forum for a couple of weeks now and decided to make an account since I'm going to look at and hopefully buy an Arosa this weekend. Has anyone here used Ingenie Blackbox insurance? or Ingenie insurance in general? They've gave me a great quote compared to what I've previously got and wondered if they're a decent company? How much over the speed limit can you go before you're penalised? Some black boxes let you go 30mph over but it looks like Ingenie is quite harsh with it, not sure though that's why i'm asking. Also, anything else I should kno
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