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  1. Where in the UK are you? I have a used set of AP coilovers that I want to sell. They're few years old but have only about 5k miles.
  2. What wheel are you wanting to fit? Unless you're really tall, I can't see a normal sized boss being a problem. They put the wheel in pretty much the same place as standard.
  3. A proper cage will massively increase chassis rigidity. A front brace will only slightly reduce flex between the two front struts.
  4. Show cages are stupid and dangerous. If you're gonna put bits of metal tubing in your car, you better be certain they're not going to smack you in the head in the even of an accident. Also, drain pipe hurts as well, it'll also shatter, sending nice sharp bits of plastic flying about. £740 is actually a good price for a proper CDS, msa full cage. You will have to pay for some one to fit it properly though. It'll also do wonders for the chassis, the increase in stiffness will make an already fun car a blast to drive.
  5. Cheers. Seems to a common step from small vw to mx5. Noise vid.
  6. Check the oil pressure sensor, mine failed (they seem to be a common vw problem) and I got an oil light. Replaced for not a lot of money and it fixed the problem. Also, plug it into vagcom and read the fault codes. You can get a free version and the cables are pretty cheap, or were when I bought mine.
  7. Lower it first. Nice set of wheels, browse members rides and see what style you like and go from there. You'll need to be silly low to make 13s look good. To host photos you need to upload them to an online host. I use facebook and set the album to public. Tinypic, flikr and imgur will work aswell. Photobucket sucks as it has a weird download limit, only so many people can see the photo in a set time.
  8. Random update. Gif of the Lupo at its' lowest, that I made recently: Also, broke the green mx5, got a gold one, swapped all the goodies over: Looks like this: Will try and get a drive by clip soon. Sounds awesome with the a 4-1 manifold and stainless back box.
  9. 15x7 et35 with 195/45 tyres with a decent amount of lowering will be fine. I was running 7j et27 rear et35 front, 195 tyres and rolled arches and had no problems, I was pretty low (custom rear spring low).
  10. Width, offset and how low the car are much more important the wheel diameter.
  11. Out of an SDI? As Rich said, loose as much weight as possible. SDIs are made to be fuel efficient, you're not going to get any worth while gains out of that engine without major work.
  12. Spacers and alloy wheels on a non lowered car will make it look like you're driving a tractor. You also want 195/45 tyres on 15 inch wheels. 195/50 will throw your speedo out.
  13. Lower it first. You'll need flat spacers for anything under 15mm, hub centric for anything more. (less than 15mm and hub centric won't fit) You'll want longer wheel bolts for anything over 5mm. Your Dad is probably worried about wearing out wheel bearings. This isn't very likely, unless you fit stupid wide spacers. I ran 13mm spacers on the rear of my Lupo, didn't have a problem.
  14. A proper ITB set up on a GTI is something I've always wanted to see. It sounds bloody angry as well. Me likey.
  15. Deadmetal

    ap coilovers

    The arch liners where trimmed and arch were rolled. Best bet for damping is to start in the middle and work from there.
  16. I have no answer. I just seem to have been lucky. It's a possibility that the 1.4 non sports and 1.0 models have thinner drive shafts.
  17. Deadmetal

    ap coilovers

    About 2 inches left on the front, just springs, no adjuster, in the rear.
  18. Deadmetal

    spacer size

    If you measure the gap between the tyre and the inside of the arch, you'll want spacers slightly smaller than that.
  19. It does seem a bit odd. The front of my lupo was a lot lower than some people who where running into drive shaft issues.
  20. No worries, I had to do the same thing with the 13mm spacers I had fitted to my old Lupo.
  21. Couple of additions to the MX5. Currently in the process of taking the head off as it's burning a silly amount of oil.
  22. The bit of the hub that the wheels sit on are too wide for the spacer. You either need slightly wider spacers or, you can take a file to the hubs and take a bit off them. It won't need much.
  23. Gti's have thicker drive shafts than standard Lupos. You can raise the car up or (not sure if it still passes a mot) get the chassis leg cut to make room for the drive shaft.
  24. You can, but you'll blow the shocks. Also the damping rate will be completely wrong for the spring rate.
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