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  1. whats that on your headlights?
  2. Anyone running helper springs in the rear? If so whats the ride like? Soft or stiff? Thanks
  3. cheers mate, I don't suppose anyone knows how to remove them do they?
  4. hi, the mrs has bought a lupo and the clocks are 10 mph out, and when the engine is on tick over the needle is.. the only way I can describe it is saying -10, does this mean new clock? or is there anyway of fixing it? thanks
  5. you don't need them, but if you want some on, you want some.
  6. Cheers dude, i was talking about yours on low conformists the other day by email i think you saw it id just got a window sticker, bin waiting for a comment for ages.. Lol cheers
  7. In that case you should have no issues, aslong as you buy proper hubcentric spacers and longer bolts and not the cheap spacers.. Before i had coilies i was lowered 60mm with et20 wheels and 5mm spacers, which made it scrape all the time, but if your on standard suspension you should be fine, but like i say, dont buy cheap..
  8. It depends what et your wheels are and how low you are..?
  9. Got some pressed plates yeserday from tatton park vw show..
  10. finally got around to refurbing my wheels just need rubber now ...
  11. Any body got a pik of 6j rims with 175/60/14 or 175/50/14 tyres? Thanks
  12. benjiii


    and these are the lensos I told you about,
  13. benjiii


    these are them dude just gotta put smaller tyres on
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