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  1. I thought the guides cured it but it didnt, No luck and the noise is still there, i have posted a video so you can hear the noise and see whats happening, I cant hear it from the outside of the car its only the inside, i also got a person to push down on the bracket in the engine bay which does gear linkage and the noise goes if thats pushed down which all it does is move the gear stick, could it be gearbox related or just a cable hitting, i dunno ! VW polo tdi 1.4 gear stick noise - YouTube VW polo gear stick noise #2 - YouTube
  2. Sorted! ✌?️ Understood ?? Thanks very much for the help!
  3. Hello, I was woundering if someone could help me with my LUPO sport! My clutch started playing up abit, It got really stiff and sudden when at the bite and would jump/let out really sudden, hard to explain! few weeks later I lost my clutch the bite dropped, I adjusted cable and worked fine and still does apart from its really stiff and sudden when letting out. had new clutch and cable in October aswell as gearbox refurb, garage said pedal box is fine! Hmm was woundering if anyone could help!
  4. After a set of coilovers for a VW lupo 1.0 Let me know if you are selling any! Thanks!
  5. I will be running same tyre size as I am now which is 165 50 15 with a little bit of stretch, and lowered by 60mm! Update: Removed door strips (biggest pain in the ass, and could do with some more elbow grease) And removed the chrome letters (LUPO) from the boot! Aswell as remove the rear wiper! I'll post some pictures soon! ?
  6. Thanks for all nice replys! ? I used 40MM APEX Springs, they will be coming off soon as I would like to go lower! I'm just curious weather my wheels will rub on arches if I go lower (was planning around 60mm on coilovers) if anyone has any advice please comment! I'm from a village around 8 miles from silverstone/towcester, But I'm in Towcester & Silverstone a lot as girlfriend and mates live there!
  7. Seen this car around the towcester/silverstone area a few times! I'm sure it was this one, you live near by? Looks really good! ?
  8. Recently joined the forum and I thought I would post a picture of my Lupo, Its nothing special but its a start. In the near future I'm going to buy some coilovers And get my wheels refurbed as up close they have some light kerbing and marks. I'm not looking to do loads of changes to the car as its only a 1L And hopefully in May Next year ill get a Lupo GTI. Currently My Lupo is lowered on 40MM Springs, With 15" Audi pepperpots running 165/50/15 Tyres, To use the wheels on my car I'm using 15MM 4x100 to 5x100 adaptors. Let me know what you think!
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