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  1. Audi steering wheel had it in my Lupo. With air bag. In very, very good condition! No wear to leather. £60 collected, Essex. Clocks and surround and door cards also for sale.
  2. Parcel shelf no cuts for speakers. Unmolested. £20 collected, Essex.
  3. Full set of red seat belts. Fully working order. £70 ono.
  4. I took the back box of mine and it sounded awful. I've got a stainless manifold, powerflow sports cat and powerflow midbox with a standard 1.0 backbox. It's a bit blowy under load because I don't have a flexi, it's just spring loaded bolts. Sounds pretty good when the blows not there. I'll be fitting a new back box soon hoping it'll change the note a bit. It's all about the note and not the noise though. If you want noise take your manifold off.
  5. They are still for sale but fronts could do with new adjuster rings. I'll take £60 because of the rings.
  6. My rings are seized on my coilover and I'm going to cut them and replace them. What size would I need, they're fks.
  7. Fk coilovers for sale £80 collected. £100 delivered. @lowerclasslupo dm instagram for pictures.
  8. Power steering hose wanted. It's for a GTI conversion but pretty sure standard lupo will fit.
  9. I don't know, conversion was already done when I got it.
  10. cheers! any ideas if non GTI hose will fit GTI engine?
  11. My power steering pipe on my gti conversion has worn away from scraping and had leaked all the fluid out. Where can I get another one from and how easy are they to fit? Thanks.
  12. Fk coilovers in Essex. £80 collected. This is the only picture I have at the moment the one on the right is part of the set I'm selling obviously. Any questions let me know. @lowerclasspolo instagram.
  13. I've got some fks coilovers for sale £80 collection from Essex.
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