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  1. Yes it's the tractor ish noise I've got it quiet now I made it tick over at a slightly higer rev which sorted it well .
  2. I'm looking for the best upgrades to get the most from the engine . I know it's not gonna be fast but anything will be better . I'm not wanting to turbo it that's far to costly. Any advice will be welcome
  3. Hi does your car sound noisy and vibrate a bit . Was it just the exhaust or does it always vibrate .
  4. I have a lupo 1.7 sdi . I know it's a big old diesel for a little car but if anyone else has one could you tell me if it is noisy on tick over
  5. Thanks mate I'll go for coilies one more question egr valve blanking is it worth doing
  6. High I have bbs alloys on my lupo 16 s has anyone lowered one with similar size wheels and how low . Please help is it best to by springs or coillies
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