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  1. Ok so the gearbox is pretty much finished after 122k miles, pretty sure it's the pinion bearing. Standard symptoms such as incredible whining noise in 3rd 4th and 5th. Need my car as quickly as possible so will replace first with cheap 1.4s box if I can't find a sport one quick enough. Then I will attempt to rebuild my sport box over the next few months then swap them out again. I won't swap the clutch because it was only changed about 20k miles ago but the release bearing is a little noisy so I wanted to swap that. Also the last time I had my gearbox out there is a metal sleeve that sits over the input shaft of the gearbox which if I remember correctly the release bearing fits over. This had worn so badly last time it was rubbing on the input shaft of the box. So my question is, will this sleeve be the same for the sport and non sport box? And are the release bearings the same? I just want to make sure I order the right parts so i don't run in to any problems when taking changing everything over. Also just in general, will there be any compatibility issues with using a non sport box? I assumed that all the 085 boxes would be interchangeable. P.S. If you have a box in decent condition for sale sport or non sport please pm me.
  2. It needs re-aligning. http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Throttle_Body_Alignment_%28TBA%29
  3. I'll take the sun visors if they haven't gone.
  4. Have you got the roof lining and the pillar trims?
  5. Does it have the aero wiper arms, if so you still got em?
  6. Where can I get a pair of the nankangs?
  7. At the minute Bridgestone Potenza RE040. The back Rainsport 2's. http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=print&thread=115300 If you scroll to the bottom of that it shows a picture with the 165/55's fitted and I quite like the look of them so I reckon I will give camskill a call in the morning and buy a couple of them.
  8. I have 15x8s at the back and 15x7s at the front and am currently running 195/45 on the 8's and 165/50s on the 7s. I really don't like the stretch on the 7's and it also doesn't match up very well with the rear tyres. So I thought I would take a look at 175/50s but they don't appear to have hardly any stretch at all. I am looking at Kumho's in particular. Is it because they have different sidewalls? I am just confused how the gradient of the tyre wall can vary so drastically of a 10mm drop in width. I have found the tyres on this website: http://www.camskill....5_50R15_75H_TL_ They appear to be very cheap which makes me want to go for them. They also sell a 165/55: http://www.camskill....5_55R15_75V_TL_ Which might look a bit better. What is everyone else running?
  9. What tyres are you going to fit for this staggered fitment. I have 195/45/15 on the 8's and 165/50/15 on the 7's and it doesn't look right really. I am tempted to go for 175/50 or 165/55 on the 7's because the 195/45 looks alright on the 8's
  10. I like the 1 series bmw hatches. I'd probably go for a 120d coz they're pretty torquey. They look good with lows aswell.
  11. Then recalibrate the TB to the EGR valve. I had reduced flow so i stripped everything intake manifold included and cleaned everything and mine went to excessive then I just re-calibrated the throttle body and everything was all good.
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