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  1. hello in the last 1 1\2 I've had the clutch replaced and pedal box and cable. tonight when I pulled in to my drive I found it hard to get in to gears then suddenly the clutch went all light and now cannot get in to gear. if you put clutch on the spring moves abit but is very light. do you think its cable gone? any help great as im no mechanic lol
  2. anyone know what parts needed to replace pedal box and numbers as can only find ones related to seat.
  3. thanks ive never had the pedle box replaced, hopefully it is that and not the box ;-)
  4. Hey All Had a new clutch put in the Lupo Sport last year as the thrust bearing was knackered. recently I've noticed that once the car has done about 10 miles when in traffic idling if in first gear it feels like the car is idling rough/wobbling sensation even though the idling looks fine on the rev counter. if you take it out of gear it stops. have put it into all gears at idling when the issue occurs and only seems to do in first and reverse and slightly in 2nd. when its also doing this you can hardly get the car into reverse with out it crunching. Any Ideas of what it might be? Many Thanks Daz
  5. would this hole cause the fault code / issue Thanks Daz
  6. yea i looked that up, but where to start, looks like its going to be a garage job.
  7. Hi All My Lupo Sport has been running fine after the throttle bodies were cealned new breather pipe new egr valve and new fuel sensor. recently its started to judder slightly at around 2000 revs. there is a fault code 16804 but this list loads of different things. has anyone else had a similar issue or any ideas where to start? once you go past 2000 revs is fine its just is you going along at constant 2000 revs you can feel the car juddering. Thanks Daz
  8. fitted new breather hose last weekend as old one was looking bit knackered. cheers Daz
  9. i've had my sport for just under 8 years and the mpg ive been happy with always get 40 - 44mpg no matter what way its driven, drops a bit in the cold weather but never had lower than 37mpg. and not had to do much to the car in the 8 years aart from usual things oil change etc etc fun to drive and ive used mine everyday for commuting and for pleasure. lovely car, but now time to sale as wanting kids so car to small sad day when she sales cheers daz
  10. ok thank tried pulling it but it would not budge, the end at the air box comes off easy but the other end wont budge. will have to have another go, but looked light it had a clip or some sort by it.
  11. Hi All Does anyone know how to get the breather pipe off it just pulls off at the airbox end, but how do you get the other end of as looking at my replacment pipe its looks like pull off? Have anone got a guide how to do this of know how too with any pcitures, car is lupo 1.4 16v sport. thanks Daz
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