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  1. DarkStryder360

    Clubman Cooper S - Replacement for the Lupo

    5 months later, after waiting for Mini/BMW to find my rear exhaust trim bumper part... its fitted! (belt line dechromed also)
  2. DarkStryder360

    Had some free time (3D/Vray)

    Cheers guys! Have missed doing it. 3D model render, like all brochure images for Ford, they're all CG, none are pure Photographs.
  3. DarkStryder360


    Its all well and good until the common fault of Timing Chain and Carbon build up arises, which Mini UK refuse to fix, even though they know its an issue. Regular Cooper or Diesel engines on R56/55 maybe great, but Cooper S is riddled with issues.
  4. DarkStryder360


    With a Peugeot engine
  5. DarkStryder360

    Had some free time (3D/Vray)

    Breakdown of some passes: ...and next project (its actually black, white for visual purposes) Done using 3DS Max, Vray + Photoshop.
  6. DarkStryder360

    Audi A3 - Airlift Inside....

    Looks awesome. I just want whatever pay roll you're on.
  7. DarkStryder360


    Main bad point for the Gen 1 is the ridonkulous £300 road tax price. Also read that they're not as well built as the Gen2, but they seem better built, mechanically. Also everything for a Mini seems way overpriced compared to a VW.
  8. DarkStryder360


    As a new Mini Cooper Clubman S owner... they're already expensive to run, and depending on whether its a Gen 1 or 2, they both have their down points.
  9. DarkStryder360

    Audi A3 - Airlift Inside....

  10. DarkStryder360

    The Red Breadvan

    'tis a shame he has stripped it (and maybe sold it now?) Got his rear bumper sat in my hall way.
  11. DarkStryder360

    2 weeks of learning photoshop

    If it was around £50 to buy it outright, I would purchase it. Their £660.51 (in VAT) is a joke. http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_sl_creativesuite6.html You bought into Creative Cloud?
  12. DarkStryder360

    Lupo GTI - Ex GTI of the year 2012

    But what is in fact a time-waster to car sellers? People who come, and don't give you money? Is that it...
  13. DarkStryder360

    Clubman Cooper S - Replacement for the Lupo

    Ooo ok then I have just been reading about it. Someone's Clubman bill nearly came to £3,000 to replace the part after labour... Then another guy got his fixed for £150 due to getting as much evidence as he could to show that the fault is common. Think I will do my research on it see if it is more common R53, than the R55/56.
  14. DarkStryder360

    How many ups, mii's and citigos have been sold?

    How many sales negate a Haynes Manual?

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