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  1. Thanks bud, had a look but after something original. Good luck with your sale.
  2. Any club members thinking of selling their pride and joy. I am based in the north of Scotland (Near Inverness) but most around here are 1.0 and knackered. Hoping for a GTI or TDI Cash waiting.
  3. Is the lupo still available...link to autotrader doesnt work.
  4. I have to stand up for Morrissey - legend! I want that sticker...
  5. What a difference the black roof makes, looks great mate. Did you do it yourself? If not can I be cheeky and ask how much?
  6. Do Arosas have holes for rear speakers? I am sure I have seen a stripped out example that had holes for the mid and tweeter...was I dreaming?
  7. In my boot I have: - High Vis Vest Table Tennis Bat and... .... .... A blanket! I would like....a sub and some sound deadening but will wait for the summer to resolve that wee problem.
  8. Sorry to jump on your post Emma, but your post mind me think about an ongoing issue with my 1.0ltr - the brakes...had the wheels off and discs/pads look fine but they dont feel good and make scaping noises...as if the car hasnt been used for weeks. Is this a common problem or have I got crap discs and pads? Any help wood be good... Cheers and sorry again Emma x
  9. Out of interest Amy any pics of the Fly sub in the boot? I am planning on fittting mine when the weather gets better! Cheers ma dear....
  10. I was watching Steven Fry in America last night (thank you Sky +) he visited the Ben and Jerrys factory - it looked like Willie Wonkas factory - everyone seemed happy and they had free icecream! I want to work there!!!
  11. Some people have an amazing insight and feel for design whilst others....paint their Ka blue and yellow. Each to his own I guess.....
  12. I live 3 miles from a garage jetwash, spend a few quid and 10 minutes cleaning it, by the time I get home the back end is mank! Gotta keep my baby clean though...
  13. Other than the noise is it still driving okay? I had a noise problem with my Vario but it was sitting so low the when I took a corner it would at time catch on the wheel causes the noise.
  14. Welcome mate, great Lupo....love the interior!
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