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  1. simpo

    Simpo's CTR

    Technically its in tec, since the re-map the vtec point is just over 3000 revs. It does rev to almost 9K and is a lot quicker at the redline though! I will take a new vid soon the one I posted is pretty old, I need to sell the beast soon though as I want to buy a house so im on the look out for a low milage gti.
  2. No point in upgrading the clutch unless you are running a lot more power though it. I have a paddle clutch in my civic and its a pig, its heavy and very all or nothing. Really annoying tbh
  3. 10th a possibility for anyone?
  4. 10th a possibility for anyone?7 10th a possibility for anyone?
  5. Think I'm going to Santa pod on the 3rd.
  6. Mitch after seeing the edition pics I think your going to need a new car to throw down the lanes! The paint is too nice to riddle with stone chips, and a smoothed bay will not appreciate the bumps
  7. I will more than likely have to work the Saturday but might drive up and sleep in the motor again ready for a Sunday blat if people are about? I will have a chat with James and see if he is interested in stretching the legs on the RS.
  8. simpo

    Simpo's CTR

    Crap, is that three bikes now? Still got the s2000?
  9. simpo

    Simpo's CTR

    Too busy with work at the moment I'll take some on Sunday. We need a meet at some point so I can have a looksie at the bike.
  10. simpo

    Simpo's CTR

    Yeah I have seen those civics, 500bhp through the front wheels would be nice but pointless on the road. Sure it would make me smile though. I would love to do a lakes trip at the end of September or October. I think you should organise it
  11. simpo

    Simpo's CTR

    If I go to edition38 I will take you for a spin.
  12. simpo

    Simpo's CTR

    All up and running, now just shy of 300bhp. I will get more pics up when the weather is better, but the engine/ power mods list is below. Jackson racing supercharger 8psi 650cc rc injectors Tegiwa carbon air box Dc sports manifold/ decat Skunk2 70mm exhaust Hondata K-pro management The car has been transformed loads more mid range, but plenty of top end. I am off to the ring and to drive the stelvio at the end of next week so will get some videos up as the speedo really whips round now.
  13. simpo

    Simpo's CTR

    I have been very busy with this the last couple if months...
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