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  1. Hi folks I've created a YouTube channel, it features my two cars. The Lupo Gti, and My BMW M235i. I've recently posted a BMW video, but have done two on the Lupo. I will aim to do more now the lockdown is over. Hope people like and subscribe to the channel.

  2. Quite a lot of work to be done on that little car. should do a YouTube video documenting the build. best of luck with it.
  3. Yes Air con is working. All documentation does confirm mileage is correct and I'd rather set fire to it than sell it for £4500.00
  4. I am sadly selling my car. It is a special car, but a new house and the cost of them, so its up for sale.😪😪😪 feed back would be great https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908161222323?onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=VOLKSWAGEN&radius=1500&model=LUPO&sort=price-desc&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=l237tr&page=1
  5. Make: Lupo Model: Gti MOT: 12 Months TAX: Engine size: 1.6 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications:For sale is my 2002 VW Lupo Gti. This has to be one of the best spec and condition cars on the market today. It has covered 74k with a full service history and last serviced in the last 500 miles, mostly done by VW including the last service.The car has every MOT, receipt of any work carried out with the car with a massive folder full of information on the car. Not a penny has been spared in the upkeep of this car. It has 4 brand new tyres on the car Ne
  6. Hi Guys. My Lupo Gti has a slight Aircon problem. not sure if it needs a re-gas or the pump is gone, but its pumping zero cold air out and it doesn't sound like the compressor is activating when pressing the AirCon button in the car. anybody got any ideas, as the Aircon pumps are costly and pain to do.
  7. Hi Guys Has anybody seen the Sideways Side YouTube video with a Red Gti. Really good review, and funny.
  8. This my Gti. It' an ex VW press car and has every option on it from factory. 72k fsh, a cracking little motor.
  9. Kitchen work top I'll have you know!!!
  10. Right guys, great news. After some digging great help from club Lupo and a few emails and phone calls I've tracked down a magazine with my car as a VW Press car. Here is all the pages of the car in the magazine Volkswagen Driver
  11. I've just had a phone call from Volkswagen Driver magazine and they have confirmed that my car was in the November 2002 addition. I'e ordered the magazine and it' in the post. All my Christmases have come at once. I'm so please I've got this proof that my car is what I thought it is. Will send pictures of the mag when I get it.
  12. I might have to borrow yours if you get one.
  13. Brilliant thanks very much. I will try and find that artical now, unless somebody here has a link to it.
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