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  1. lupogtiboy

    Millers Nanodrive.. over kill?

    I use VW Platinum 5W40 in my GTI and she doesn't use a drop, even on 173k miles
  2. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTI saved from the scrap yard

    Nice video and great to see her back to her former glory. Only thing is some questionable driving near the end......
  3. lupogtiboy

    My Raven Blue GTI

    Ownership goals for mine right here! So clean! G60's is one of the best mods you can do to a GTI, well worth it.
  4. lupogtiboy

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    I love the induction noise!
  5. lupogtiboy

    What’s wrong with a fox ?

    The Fox is a best forgotten VW, doesn't look like a VW imo, ugly piece of crap built for a market where they can get away with cheapness. Window regulators and motors commonly fail too and even VW get the parts on ETKA listed the wrong way around so they are always hassle. I also nearly died in one, so maybe I'm slightly put off by that.
  6. lupogtiboy

    Gti Parts still sought

    I think some of it is to do with the material the spoiler is made from, it doesn't like being baked and is supposed to be left to dry naturally. Mine was baked when the bodyshop at work first painted it and it looked like it had acne.
  7. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTi in U-Pull-It in York

    I'd happily pay someone to grab those wiper arms for me? This is way to far for me to go!
  8. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTi in U-Pull-It in York

    @rich - is the TT steering wheel difficult to fit, as I have one and an airbag that I intended fitting but never got round to it?
  9. lupogtiboy

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    I like the wheels but reckon they do look a bit small, especially with those tyres on, you planning on exploring the moon?!
  10. lupogtiboy

    Lupo fsi with gti gearbox

    If it's an 085 box then a GTI box isn't going to fit
  11. lupogtiboy

    Lupo picture thread

    Yep they are Up! Classic wheels as found on the Up! White and Up! Black editions
  12. I've never had to change one so can't comment on how difficult it is. Saying that, I don't have the intake pipework in the way either on mine....
  13. lupogtiboy

    Problems front suspension

    VW modded the bushes on these and on 9N polos as they were a crap design New bushes are 1K0 407 183 E £11.69 each inc vat from VW
  14. lupogtiboy

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Seeing as you don't really need it in the UK, I'd just leave it unplugged and go from there.
  15. lupogtiboy

    Lupo Gti intake pipework

    Legend, thanks!

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