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  1. I don't mean to be rude but buying a GTI to drive slow is like going to a brothel for a chat, all a bit pointless. Im 25 now, father, and I still can't keep my foot off the go pedal when the times are right, and I don't believe any 17 year old lad especially a bit of a petrol head wouldn't be tempted to nail a GTI at every given opportunity (and rightly so it's a GTI it's what they are meant to do). Now I'm with the majority on this, mainly because I was the naive 18 year old who smashed my first car through a lamp post, smashed my jaw and leg up and lucky to be alive. Now I wasn't driving like a bell end at the time, but would this have happend in a less powerful car with a little more experience, probably not. My advice would be get the cheapest POS you can buy and insure to build up your no claims, save the money to go towards your GTI, mods and insurance (also look in to declaring mods, modified car insurance through a broker Is cheaper for me than the likes of go compare ect) And I wouldn't even entertain a black box, how are you meant to entertain all the bitches with handbrake turns with a black box. The strange thing is when I was younger all I wanted is a faster car, now I'm a bit older and have owned some quicker cars it's the slow ones you can drive right on the limit most of the time I miss the most, anyway it's about time you told us all to **** off and bought a loop Gti.
  2. The crank case breather on the back of the block can get full off gunk and force oil out of another breather, might be worth a look.
  3. Tdi all the way, epic mpg's, nippy enough when mapped and fairly bomb proof. And you can fit a dumpvalve quite easily, they are opened by a solenoid connected to a vacuum. How ever they have no place on a diesel as mentioned above and sound a bit **** and will make you look like a right tit IMO.
  4. Tdi has one cat, and no sensors. Any more than 300 retail your getting had IMO.
  5. It's not a cat it's a DPF, but people call it a cat. It should fail an mot with out one, as the rules are if it had one from factory it has to be present at MOT time, how ever Diesels don't have an emissions test as such it's more of a smog test, and it will pass the test fine with out the DPF providing everything is ok. Just depends how fussy the tester is on the day really.
  6. Plug straight in, just make sure you get one with a patch lead, you can also get an oem 6 disk changer that goes in the boot. Come to think of it I have one tucked away somewhere if your interested.
  7. College papers mean **** all with out the experience to back it up IMO I'm fairly certain there's a how to on here with what you will need, have a look at the definitive coilover thread as well.
  8. Could always try turning the glow plug light on manually with your vag com. If it doesn't work then you are looking at faulty clocks or wiring.
  9. Best thing I ever did to my tdi (same engine in a polo) More torque slightly increased enonomy, one of the best things I got for my car. No down sides at all. I recommend awesome gti, and it's only £150
  10. Did you get part numbers fella.
  11. Your old, it's just another day now lol Happy birthday.
  12. Dblock have you any part numbers for the 5th gear sets.
  13. I agree with the old men, partly because of safety and partly because stretch on a car that doesn't need it just looks ****.
  14. Piece of piece to fit if you can weld, could mount with a strap and clamps if you can't. Not fitted one to a Lupo, but it was loud as **** on my polo GT, I actually felt like a dick driving it, so took it off and sold it.
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