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  1. ordered a beam off ebay from a lupo 1.4s 16v and it all fits fine and my car is back on the road after a days work in my garage.
  2. pkrboo

    lupo breaking

    Where are you and How much for the rear beam?
  3. So my rear beam on my arosa tdi has failed. The passenger side spring and bottom shock mount has rusted and sheared off. What beams can I replace it with like for like? Are all lupo and arosa beams the same apart from the GTI? Looking to get a second hand beam and do a cheap quick fix
  4. Mine is doing exactly the same, gauge reads 90 but scangauge 2 says 75, i have blocked the lower grill but it hasn't made a difference. going to change stat this week and see how it is then.
  5. well i blocked the main part of the lower grill with a chopped up rubber car mat. still stays at about 75-78 deg. with some very spirited driving i managed to get it up to 86 at one point but still not great. i believe the stat opens at 87 degrees. I think the temp sender is good as the dash displays 90 and stays pretty still and scan gauge tends to stay around 75. so I am thinking change stat and see how it goes? what do you think?
  6. Cheers I thought that was oit but my MOT man said there wasnt any adjustment on them and only for the dipped beam, just been out and looked and sure enough there it is. had a twiddle and its loads better
  7. When I go to main beam on my Arosa TDI they seem to point about 5 metres in front of the car. Is there a way of adjusting them?
  8. Front and Rear seats free on collection. both front seats have the height adjustment on them. they need a good clean but are fully working. no rear hedrests collection from North Lincs nr Scunthorpe
  9. I have a scangauge 2 and have noticed recently that the temp only gets up to 76 degrees maybe 78 if i am pushing hard. wondering if grill blocking should be something i try? My fuel consumption is always much worse in winter as well. The engine always warms up pretty quickly so i don't think the stat is stuck open.
  10. Do you still have the engine? can you post a pic please
  11. Not if your alternator is bad, also they can test the capacity left in the battery not just whether it is charged or not
  12. Take it to halfords and have a free battery and alternator charging test done. At least that will tell you if it is defo the battery.
  13. does the stereo come on without the ignition on? probably needs the red and yellow 12v lines swapping over. on the ISO lead for the head unit it will have bullet connectors so you can swap them. one is permanent live 12 v for the memory and the other is a switched ignition live so it powers on with the ignition on and wont flatten the battery. Do you have a multimeter? check which 12v line is which on the car and then make sure it matches the head unit
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