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  1. All sold apart from the 30mm and mcgard bolts.
  2. Sad thing is it was someone off gumtree that took it and I know they are unlikely appreciate it. Would have rather it went to someone off here, but money talks unfortunately. Its the last time I put anything on gumtree though. Too many fruitcakes.
  3. Not got a 4x100 car so having a clear out of spacers I've collected over the years. Can be collected from wakefield or Sheffield. PM or 07557 one six one one four five FK 20mm/side hubcentric bolt-on spacers have been helicoiled for extra strength, bolts included. £50 ono posted. FK 5mm/side spacers & 6 tapered head longer bolts (not shown). I have locking wheel bolts to complete set if required. £25 ono posted. Random 12mm ali 4x100 / 4x108 12mm wheel spacers. Was hubcentric, but hub fractured off and 2nd one looks like its on its way out also. 12mm is too thin for hubcentric really which is why it happens. Can still be used as non-hubcentric. £25 ono posted. Now sold. Eibach 20mm per side 4x100 / 4x108 hubcentric. £40 ono posted. H&R 15mm per side 4x100 / 4x108 hubcentric with 6 tapered and 8 radius longer bolts. £50 ono posted. Random 30mm per side ali 4x100 hubcentric with longer bolts. £50 ono posted. Set of mcguard locking wheels bolts to use with differing spacers. M12x1.5 so VAG 4 stud fitting. 2 at 22mm and 2 at 40mm long. £20 ono posted.
  4. Bars got some where and tear, feet are perfect. £50ono Can be viewed in wakefield or Sheffield. PM or 07557 one six one one four five
  5. 1st set: Borbet t 15x7 et 35 4x100. Only 3 ropey borbet caps, but 56mm vag ones fit. Needs spigot rings. Have had what looks like a diy refurb in the past. One has some kerbing as shown but would file out easily. I had one deeper gouge filled with weld as I intended refurbing, but never got round to it. £125 ono. 2nd set: Borbet C 15x7 et35 4x100. Fitted with Kumho tyres all with 4-5mm tread. Two have some scrubbage to shoulder as I was running 20mm spacers and coilovers and would rub with rear passengers on bumpy roads. I had them powder coated around 3 years ago and are still vgc. £250 ono. Both can be boxed up if you want to arrange a courier. Can be viewed in wakefield or Sheffield. PM or 07557 one six one one four five.
  6. Sold within 24 hours, but kept the wheels and spacers so parts listings going up shortly.
  7. 2002 Arosa 1.4s TDi for sale. Silver 147k miles. In decent condition for age. Lowered on coilovers, spotless 15x7 Borbet c’s, spacers front and rear (I think 15 or 20mm hubcentric on rear, 5mm front), 175/50/15 tyres (bit of scrubbage on rears, but still got few mm of tread left all round), rear whiteline ARB, original alloys with tyres will be included (but have had a bad paint job in the past), MOT until end of june. 2 owners from new, I’ve had her 7 years and she has served me very well. FSH with a folder full of receipts. Never wanted for anything but I need something a bit more comfortable and newer now I’m getting old and have 2 kids! Has only ever required an injector rail over normal service items in 7 years. Engine is good and strong, no leaks and only uses around 250ml between 10k services. Bad bits: rust on offside lower wing, missing nearside mirror cover, offside mirror glass needs replacing, needs offside side light bulb, offside brake calliper sticking, due timing belt and service in june. Pics are taken in rain, will try to get more detailed pics at the weekend after a clean. £495 ono as is, or will remove wheels, spacers, anti-roll bar and put standard wheels back on for £250 ono. Located in wakefield, just 1 mile from J39 of M1. Insurance will have been transferred so will need own insurance for test drive. Tel: 07557 one six one one four five
  8. Actually it could be more than I quoted, but no more than a litre every 2k. But thanks everyone for the help anyway I'll have a proper look over the weekend.
  9. Probably using about a litre every 4k miles. The coolant in the expansion tank is clean. Wouldn't this be grubby if the head gasket had gone?
  10. I'm having to top up the coolant on my arosa tdi, but can't see any signs of leaks. Anyone any suggestions?
  11. Turned out to be the pulley on the alternator. Easy to spot Saturday morning when the PAS stopped working and I pulled over to find the belt off and the pulley in two pieces!
  12. Got a squealing noise which is obviously coming from the alternator region. Also got small flakes of metal around the area. Something obviously wrong but is there an easy way to tell if its the alternator or the tensioner? If it is the alternator is it likely to be the bearings and can you buy them on their own? Other than that the alternator is charging and working as normal.
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