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  1. As Rob said, it's on the E38 forum under Cheltenham/Gloucester meet. It could benefit from a slightly better location though...
  2. It's a beast, that engine bay looks mental with all that orange
  3. db

    Had enough of 'LOWS' - RACEKOR

    Looked wicked when i saw it on Sat Ben
  4. Nice progress John, it's going to be seriously mental!
  5. db

    GTI Anniversary Rear Badges in Red

    Mine were ebay specials to so keep your eye out
  6. db

    GTI Anniversary Rear Badges in Red

    Official OEM badges as Matt said were all silver. Only replica ones or copies were red and they're done with what seems to be vinyl over the chrome, that's the ones i originally whacked on anyway
  7. db

    Philplops VX220!

    Someone else moving on, it's a great choice though Phil...enjoy it mate, be careful in the wet!
  8. John, the attention to detail in this is simply stunning and it's refreshing to know that you're a really grounded bloke too. I love it, i want it and i might steal it
  9. You know i love it, looks and sounds
  10. db

    Luke & Jen Shoot...

    You've only got to say the word and i'm there Mr W

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