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  1. thanks for all the kind words guys..... and yeah it boosies alright at 250bhp in a wee mini lol ah thanks very much, you should have came over and said who you were. your wee lupo looked mint
  2. video is here http://www.ilovebass.co.uk/article/303/niall-odowds-mini-cooper-s-video/
  3. yep its on edition38 dude, in the non vag section thanks for all the kind words
  4. i duno if im allowed in here but .......... I built this in the past so maybe i could be plus i still have the lupo..... with the exception of cage wheels and air but yeah heres what ive been upto
  5. the date of your FastCar shoot is very close to my own, maybe end up being in the same issue
  6. this is one of very few VW's that if i was ever in this scene again i would b scared to park beside in a show.........STUNNING
  7. want some <3 F#CKING TRAMONTS!!!!! I miss my set!!!!
  8. What is the bag going to catch and rip on??? :S Liam knows how to get it low notch notch notch 0o0h and yep.....my sig..... thats a 14 thats low
  9. Health to enjoy bud, this better live up to the name of the lowest air ride kit for a loop get notching and chooppppping
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