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  1. Thanks RAB! This is all very helpful in piecing together the best plan of action for peace of mind with the onward work. All the best🙌🏼
  2. Incidentally the mileage is around the 180,000, miles, range🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  3. Thank you, mk2! Ok, well the mechanic will be able to weigh up this guidance but hopefully some of the diesel ‘standards’ would be on his check list. I have long read of the guidance against being able to disassemble the block, leading to unpressurised parts that loose integrity. 👨🏻‍🏫 So..., the journey, well, ‘journey’ continues😉
  4. Just re-reading the posts here and was wondering if anyone might know more about the newest member of the family??☺️ I don’t suppose @RAB would have any ideas, as suggested? The 3L is: L3 LUP, in Tornado red..., and it’s service book shows most services around Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne, and I have a leennnggtthhhhy Excel file of virtually every service item along with mpg and odometer readings..., very complete.., which may narrow down the search. I’m in the process of engaging an *intrepid mechanic to diagnose the smoking problem and wondered if there may be further experienced knowledge out there of where to start. Happy Fridays!!🙌🏼 LT
  5. Something else to ask today.... Would anyone know of a link/site where the workshop manuals might be found? I dug for a long time and found a pdf of the ‘bodywork’ material (in English, whoop!) and a surprisingly lengthy one on tyres for different models. I’m looking for the material on mechanical, repairs/servicing procedures etc. Also, one follow up question: Can the 3L be jacked up or somehow raised to work underneath? Did I read somewhere it’s not possible/advised to do that, or that it depends if it came with a spare wheel/Jack and is, or isn’t, specifically built to do this? Kinda crucial if I don’t own a drive-on hydraulic ramp😬 Discuss x.
  6. Thanks mk2. So would this free version be kind of an impersonation of the ‘real’ product? Fine with me if it works😅 And you’d recommend any old cheapy plug-in? I got the impression the whole ‘system’ is some pricey specialist kit. Any model specifics I need to cater for, especially considering the 3L niche? Cheers!
  7. Morning all... I wanted to ask which VAG-COM/VCDS setup anyone uses, as I’ve seen comments regarding usability being ‘reeeaaaally slow’ on pre’05-ish models, where I now own a 2001 Lupo 3L...., with some fixing up needed. Any help, here, very much welcome. Have a good one!
  8. Well..., I know that some bodywork will be required eventually in certain areas but I trust it wont be anything terminal. Jacking points are a little munched and small bubbling areas here & there. The mechanical side is the priority atm✊
  9. Morning Matty, It was listed online, and happened to be pretty local, which was very lucky. I think the last i saw advertised in the UK was a couple of years back, maybe, and in Edinburgh?! I have my *distance* limits😅. The owners where as nice as pie and, for a private sale situation, you couldn't really hope for better vibes🤞
  10. Hi RAB...., I'm just catching up on Lupo 3L posts, from which I gather you're normally involved with 'guru' levels of advice... If I can ask where you find best to source parts? I've just got hold of a 3L model and understand self-sufficiency goes a long way...., and I've got plenty to learn👨‍🎓
  11. I watched through a lot of those, but still with plenty to see. The film version of the SSP_218 is pretty cool. And it must be my age making me think that millennial video effects and soundtracks seem really dated..., but don’t feel very long ago😅
  12. Thanks again! Don't suppose that Press Pack may end up getting scanned soon......?🤤
  13. OOooh, great! I'll be checking those out for sure. Thanks lupo1🙌
  14. Ha!! Scratch that....🤫 Just re-perusing the SSP_218 Overview pdf and the subframe is, indeed, aluminium. Whoops🤦‍♂️ There, already getting the benefits out of others' far superior knowledge. Thank you!
  15. Thanks, ObjectiveAway! The previous owner did quote aaallmost getting the hallowed 3L, more like 3.1/3.2L I think...., in EcoMode, naturally🤗 Yes, get it up in the air to have a thoroughly good look at that underbody🤞 I don't think the subframe is aluminium, at least I didn't see it as one of the ali parts after perusing the VW Self Study on the body of the 3L.
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