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  1. If you had the helper in still, the adjuster rings would be lower but the car would be at the same height. Doesnt make a difference if theyre in or out because theyre fully compressed when the cars on the ground anyway.
  2. I feel mines was fairly priced compared to alot of the 'not very mint condition low mileage that isnt very low' heaps that were for sale at the time (and still are for sale)
  3. I sold my 2002 Silver GTI last august/september, that had 34k on it and i sold it for 5500 with KW v1 inox coilovers and it was in better condition than that!
  4. JoshLoop

    Momo Wheels?

    They look cool, just try them on then you'll know. But with that width and offset they'll be fine!
  5. Got my gti january 2011 and it went on sunday.. glad i wasn't there when the guy picked it up tbh, as much as it annoyed me i loved that thing haha!
  6. Have you ever left Scotland haha? The roads are equally as bad in england aswell and unless you're living up the top of a mountain only accessible by rocky single lane paths i don't know many roads bad enough to 'literally destroy any small car' and I've ran my lupo lowered a lot on coil overs for over a year and a half and also the past 4 years in other lowered cars and none of them are destroyed.
  7. Its in Plush Autmotives isn't it? Looks like Ben (i think) from three.six.fives lupo, its white on rota wheels like that but sits like that static and not on air..
  8. I used to regularly use my gti on motorways for a 4 hour journey, had a mk5 golf gti before it and now im in an a4 avant. The lupo really isnt the best for motorway/long journeys as you get blown all over the place on motorways, its stupidly noisy from road noise and not that great on fuel but once you get up the highlands and on all those roads i think you would wish you had the lupo rather than the golf as they are good driving roads. After using the lupo for 1.5 years on motorway you get used to it but going back into a big comfy car its such a nice place to be cruising at 70-80mph and being able to have a normal conversation without raising your voice over the engine/road noise. Personal preference really but i couldnt do a long what 600+ mile motorway journey in a lupo. Hope that helps ever so slightly?
  9. This happened to my 1.0 when i had it, turned out to be the temperature sensor that was gone. Changed it myself and it was fine after!
  10. I was on about vince trying to make a tit out of you going on about you saying you're plates worth more etc And no, we haven't spoken before, not until now!
  11. This probably isn't true but made me laugh haha, guys determined to make a tit out of anyone!
  12. Can fit 165/50 to them aswell. Carl's red lupo gti had 165/50 on the 8 and 8.5j wheels
  13. Finally someone sees the funny side.. However I'm going to back peddle massively and say after looking at it on a computer it is absolutely horrific, i looked at it first on my phone and never seen the extent of how bad it really is haha! Sorry if i offended anyone!
  14. http://s268.photobucket.com/albums/jj35/josh41090/Latest%20Lupo/ theres pictures from today mate!
  15. I've not pissed anyone off? It's an opinion..
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