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    Wanting a loop gti
  1. I saw that, some it wasn't newer or I'd have had it
  2. Lol. Funny how you said you wasn't a sheep and its got bbs etc made me chuckle. Be a shame to see it broken but if that's what's needed eh. I read about your exhaust mod, what is needed etc?
  3. Seen enough of yours today piers lol, read your build thread. Keeping the suspense on the air was cunning
  4. Welcome along, good luck passing and safe driving
  5. jason11

    Dec's Gti

    Yummy gti, you still got it? Done anything else?
  6. Ah not to bad then. I'll have to get a quote should be a fair bit less I'm 24 with 6years points now gone. Was insuring the anni 1.8T for £500
  7. Lol. Out of interest mate what's ya insurance like and who u with?
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