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  1. This is great, thanks very much. Those ESLA files look like cover a lot of the stuff I need. And a Haynes on the way, so thanks for the help 👍
  2. Hi. I've inherited my second Lupo, a 1litre MOT fail, which is needing a few repairs, notably a new sub frame and wishbones. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to what's what underneath the car, so am looking for a good source of help before I get started on the work. In the past I've used Haynes and other workshop manuals for other cars ive worked on. I'm struggling to find similar for the Lupo. Can anyone point me in the direction of any resources that will help guide me? Sorry for the total noobie question, there may well be stuff on the forum here, but also strugg
  3. Hi New to the forum, and a bit of a novice with cars, so I hope someone can help. I've been having a few problems with our Lupo a 1.4 16v 51 plate A few times recently, it has been losing power whilst driving Sometimes in 3rd, sometimes in 4th, the revs drop off while driving. It only happens for a second then it goes back to full power, It has cut out completely once and the battery light came on, but I didnt need to turn the key, it came back on, which i thought was a little odd. it has also stalled once when in first and the EPC light flashed on but didnt stay on, it then started ok and dro
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