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  1. Evening all... I recently bought a 1.0l e lupo, it came with 2 keys however only one starts the car, I have another fob type key that will do the central locking but the blade wasn't cut, I've had it cut but the car won't run with the key?? I have tried putting the key in the ignition and locking and unlocking it which it turn will let me start the car but soon as I remove the key lock the doors and open them I'm back to square one. Any ideas?
  2. Not going to lie this will be my first build so haven't really got a clue... But in my head I was going to take the engine, loom n whatever running gear I need from the golf, I'll swap the 6speed box I got for a 5speed as I've read these fit alot better?? From what I've read engine mounts and driveshafts are going to have to be custom? But again I haven't got a clue 😂😂
  3. Evening... I have recently bought a 1.0l open air lupo for the Mrs however she doesn't like it and I think it gutless (it is). The question I have is how easy would it be to put a pd130 lump in?? I have a complete mk4 golf pd130 and a gutless lupo surley it can be done? Anyone got any info or answers?
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