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  1. Where the rubber grommet around the clutch cable is on the bulkhead I used a "circular washer" to feed the cable through using this as the stop for the white bit on the cable rather than the bracket therefore removing any stress on the pedal box . So far its been faultless.
  2. Shame you're so far away ,I'd have that the body on its better than my one
  3. Are those modular steels?
  4. My T4 I use for shows and our dub club meets.
  5. Is that the white plastic bush under the gearstick gaiter?
  6. 🤣mate, you wanna know about p**sing money away buy a vw transporter, I've owned it 4yrs nearly and put about 8k into it with camper conversion, lows, servicing etc....
  7. Try one and find out? It's the only real way to know for sure.
  8. Got some poly top mounts in my lupo, makes it stiff and they creak in the cold in the shock tower😅 . Makes it handle like a go kart with the coilovers and all the bushes replaced.
  9. Stainless steel decat manifold for 1.0 -1.4, good condition £80 Winchester area Pics on request
  10. As titled there's 2 x lupo's in silverlake upick yard 1 x 1.0 ,1 x 1.4, both pretty complete. Also 2 arosas. Just thought I'd let people know as they never come up
  11. I have a recurring issue on my 1.0 mpi, it all started when the car just randomly cut out one day after the airbag light came on then the eml then it cut out, that turned out to be a dead alternator and dud battery so I replaced them. However I now had a o2 bank 1 sensor fault so I replaced that which was an epic mission to find an even remotely close one and for good measure replaced the engine temp sensor and thermostat. It still has the o2 fault😭, running it on live data shows it going from closed loop to open loop intermittently then open loop fault. I'm all out of ideas now and I don't wanna have to bin the car as I've spent a small fortune on it mechanically since owning. Help😭
  12. Not even 1.8t conversion😳?
  13. Hi, This is my 1.0 mpi with a stainless decat manifold and a jdm air filter,just so you get an idea of what it's like.
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