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  1. Found one at the scrapyard,was the last one! Both lupos have been almost gutted in about 2 weeks.
  2. Thanks guys, there's a couple of lupo's at silverlake apparently, I'm heading there this morning 👍
  3. Hi, I'm struggling to find a manual window regulator for the driver side of my 1.0. All my eBay searches are turning up electric window regulators? Are they NLA now?
  4. Just as an add on, those moon caps you have are you sure you don't need to have tabs welded to the wheels to hold the caps on? Its just I've got a transporter and everyone I've seen who have had mooncaps needed tabs. Just a thought 🤙
  5. I lowered mine with cheap coilovers, replaced track rod ends,droplinks and arb bushes and got some polyurethane topmounts coming. Handles like a go kart and cost less than £200 all in.
  6. Its a blue emulsion i rollered on🤣 no chassis notches . my 1 Ltr beater.
  7. Hi, just got my 1st lupo, a little 1 litre beater, had a few vag cars over the years but love my dubs also got a modified transporter T4 and into the low n slow life🤙
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