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  1. As titled there's 2 x lupo's in silverlake upick yard 1 x 1.0 ,1 x 1.4, both pretty complete. Also 2 arosas. Just thought I'd let people know as they never come up
  2. I have a recurring issue on my 1.0 mpi, it all started when the car just randomly cut out one day after the airbag light came on then the eml then it cut out, that turned out to be a dead alternator and dud battery so I replaced them. However I now had a o2 bank 1 sensor fault so I replaced that which was an epic mission to find an even remotely close one and for good measure replaced the engine temp sensor and thermostat. It still has the o2 fault😭, running it on live data shows it going from closed loop to open loop intermittently then open loop fault. I'm all out of ideas now and I don
  3. Not even 1.8t conversion😳?
  4. Hi, This is my 1.0 mpi with a stainless decat manifold and a jdm air filter,just so you get an idea of what it's like.
  5. Is this not something to do with the o2 sensor on the manifold perhaps 🤔
  6. Get yourself to B&Q for some 10mm silicone tube or a motor factors and get some fuel line piping 🤙
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I was hoping to wing it as the cat in the old manifold is tiny and the guy I bought it off commented on how low the emissions were on its last mot, fingers crossed 🤞
  8. Things like the window winder would probably be a scrapyard job, I wanted a manual window regulator and had to go to silverlake in the end ,I've also found parts hard to get as they only made the lupo for 7yrs so they're quite rare.
  9. I have a nice shiny decat manifold on my 1.0, as far as I'm aware these have 2 cats? One in the manifold and one in the middle underneath. Will I be able to blag it? I'd rather not have to take it off just for the mot, anybody got any experience with this stuff?.
  10. Found one at the scrapyard,was the last one! Both lupos have been almost gutted in about 2 weeks.
  11. Thanks guys, there's a couple of lupo's at silverlake apparently, I'm heading there this morning 👍
  12. Hi, I'm struggling to find a manual window regulator for the driver side of my 1.0. All my eBay searches are turning up electric window regulators? Are they NLA now?
  13. Just as an add on, those moon caps you have are you sure you don't need to have tabs welded to the wheels to hold the caps on? Its just I've got a transporter and everyone I've seen who have had mooncaps needed tabs. Just a thought 🤙
  14. I lowered mine with cheap coilovers, replaced track rod ends,droplinks and arb bushes and got some polyurethane topmounts coming. Handles like a go kart and cost less than £200 all in.
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