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  1. Standard Lupo GTI Suspension. £20?? Collected from Amesbury/Salisbury, Wiltshire.
  2. I want a Parmo. I'd be tempted but Chloe wants to go home and she'd be very scared of you.
  3. I don't even think it's different because the GTi seats are more scoopy as it were, it really does feel like you sit on it rather than in it. I feel so much safer in the GTi than i do the 1.4. I feel all exposed and nasty
  4. Not much really, very much a standard Arosa Sport which is what she wanted. Nothing around our way has been worth a purchase so we're putting in the silly miles. I get to drive it home
  5. Ahh that's a shame, i'd be gasping for a brew by that time!! I've never been to Newcastle and i'm obssessed with Geordies, so i'd love to stop over there on the way down - but im so skint i can't even afford a Travelodge!! Might spot a UD convoy on the way home
  6. I think i've gone a little bit more mental. I've managed to convince my mate that Mk2 Arosa Sports are seriously cool and she's fallen in love with a cheeky little black number with white wheels, and the garage has offered to take her (literally) poo-coloured fiesta as part ex. The catch? We live in Wiltshire and the car is in Morpeth, Northumberland. So, tomorrow my day starts at 4am to start the journey up there. We'll pick up "Oreo" and drive all the way back again!! Only 700ish miles, what could possibly go wrong Anyone else travelled silly miles/gone extra ordinary lengths just to get a
  7. I know it sounds weird, but i'm really confident it's completely different. I don't think that just changing the seats is enough. At the risk of sounding incredibly thick I don't really like them enough to even care but maybe the floors are different?!?
  8. Tbf the seating position in a 1.4/sport is horrid. You sit IN a gti, and you sit ON a sport/1.4.
  9. It looks like an Estoril gone a bit wrong. I like em
  10. Cool, she's really interested!! I'll keep in touch
  11. Sounds good, and looks straight. Any idea on a price? I'll pass these details on to her, thanks
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