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  1. Some old guy bought it for his wife! shes like 55 haha! Im doubting she uses this site haha!
  2. Something along them lines! Behind the seat under the cup holders. more like 10 kgs
  3. Hi there - I havent used club lupo for a very long time. I sold my silver lupo sport last year and i was wandering if anyone knew the whereabout to it? I sold it to a best friend who sold it to a man in his 40's for his wife. The car is a silver lupo sport Chrome teledials Parada spec 2's all around wheels stick out about a inch on the front indicators in the fogs reg ST51 TBZ Anyone got any info or is the person on Clublupo?!
  4. Facebook: For When The Illusion Of Having Friends Is All You Really Need!

  5. Waited Nearly A Week For My Ralph Lauren Gilet And Now I Try It On I've Realized Its Way To Big For Me :/ You lovely person!

  6. Mark Grant On Car Shows/Meets - "its like walking around looking at **** to make you feel worse about your car -.-." HAHAHAHA!

  7. Is there anything funnyer than a brand new 11 plate astra stack is and **** his wheel up showing off? I don't think so. You sir are my hero. Thank you are good night.

  8. Anyone got stats on a blonde girl who drives a black lupo with pink badges? Seen in oakhill 12:47.

  9. Just because i don't have a rear window in my car it does not make it acceptable for a stinking bird to move in!

  10. So after loosing my wallet with nearly �400 in it i finally find it :)

  11. And So My Bad Luck Continues On To The Second Day...Think I'll Stay In Bed Today All Day At Least Nothing Can Possibly Happen Here (:

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