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  1. Some old guy bought it for his wife! shes like 55 haha! Im doubting she uses this site haha!
  2. Something along them lines! Behind the seat under the cup holders. more like 10 kgs
  3. Hi there - I havent used club lupo for a very long time. I sold my silver lupo sport last year and i was wandering if anyone knew the whereabout to it? I sold it to a best friend who sold it to a man in his 40's for his wife. The car is a silver lupo sport Chrome teledials Parada spec 2's all around wheels stick out about a inch on the front indicators in the fogs reg ST51 TBZ Anyone got any info or is the person on Clublupo?!
  4. It was bore wear which led to oil burning in the cylinders fella :/
  5. That's exactly what u thought! Isnt polo gti engine fly by wire? And awh cable throttle?
  6. I may have to take it to a proper place then :/ damn!
  7. I've been looking and ive found thread polo gti conversions but non specific to my need so sorry if this is a repost I'm getting a lupo with engine failure and it needs a new engine, the engine code is AWH I can get a polo gti engine with; 5 speed box wiring loom ecu key transponder manifold water pipes header tank mounts gear selectors starter motor and all the sensors. All of these parts are OEM polo parts and it needs to be fitted into a lupo with the code awh My questions are - Straight fit in? what mounts do i need? anymore info i should need? any before you ask i'm a honda specialist, not volkswagen The more info the better
  8. Yeah i need the whole carpet haha. i'm sure someone on here has got a custom carpet or something surely?!
  9. Just had a look at i think he just has red mats now the whole carpet
  10. Cheers fella! Yeah thats just carpet :/
  11. Looking for a place where i can get a red carpet for a lupo? i dont mind if i have to imported from other countries and i dont mind the price. Can anyone help?!
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