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  1. I have corbeau clubsports on my gti and they are bolted to the omp subframes. Demon tweeks sell them for £50 each. And they bolt into the standard sliders and front mount so there's no modifying needed!
  2. So the lower engine mount of a lupo TDI fits the gti?? Learn something new every day
  3. yes new top mounts were fitted! Track rods have not been changed since i've had the car
  4. I've owned the car just over a year and since owning it the steering felt `loose` whilst cornering. It needed new coilovers so replaced the old with some AP height adjustable a few months after buying the car. It still didn't feel 100%! So last month I got round to having front subframe and wishbones replaced with everything new and OEM including all new bolts. Aswell as all bushes changed for power flex poly bushes.. I thought this would have fixed the problem but it has not! I can feel the steering being loose in heavy cornering and I can hear knocking at low speeds on rough ground (the lane
  5. been looking for a while for a new set of D2S lamps but don't want to go for the typical bright blue xenons which are 8000k? I'm finding it hard to find any under 4100k, can anyone help me to find a set that will be lower than 4000k but would still be bright?
  6. Simple question, will the 1.4 16v sport ashley manifold fit the my lupo gti? It's a hell of a lot cheaper than the kam racing manifold i've found. I've only managed to find two manifolds and don't have anywhere relatively local that would be able to fab one up for me. Cheers, callum
  7. Yeah i mean the tower shifter in the car! Are they an easy fit? As in do they just bolt on or is there some modification needed? Thanks guys
  8. Heard the B&M quickshift fits off a mkiv golf? Or are there any others that may fit? Any improvements in gear changes? I have the 2001 lupo gti if that helps
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