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  1. Sorry for intruding guys, but I'm in a Similar scenario.. I just got a VW fox and I'm looking alloys for it, can you suggest what size I get?
  2. MarkyG


    Hello everyone, I've just bought myself my first VW, it's a fox! Auntie went blind so got it from her and it's only for 22,000 miles! Already got some heko wind reflectors ordered, trying to find some alloys but unsure of what size to get! Going to black off my rear and front badges, but not sure what else to do! Any one who has got parts or any help let me know it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys, Mark.
  3. Hello, first time I have ever joined a club not even sure if anyone used this anymore but hey, thanks for any help that comes my way!! ive recently just bought s VW fox 1.2.. 22,000 miles. (Auntie went blind so she couldn't drive it anymore!!) want to start adding some nice mods to it, however don't want it looking cheap and stupid. Any ideas on where I should start? I'm wanting to stick a nice set I wheels on it, the gap is so high in the arches that it wrecks me!! Only thing is my fiancé uses the car for work and she's s community nurse so a lot of driving, so don't know if I want
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