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  1. SamDubs

    Fox Project

    Awesome, I decided for now to keep my steelies and I'm just gonna clean them up. Don't want to spend too much on this car.
  2. SamDubs

    Changing vw fox gear knob

    Hey mate, I changed mine a few months ago, it's pretty simple. The one I had was universal and it seemed to work fine. Pics so you can reference to.
  3. SamDubs


    Hey, The speakers on the fox are a bit of a nightmare. To get to the speaker there are I think 5-6 screws located around the door panel, Some are on the underside and the rest are located in a few more visible places. The speakers are for some stupid reason riveted into the door meaning that you cannot just remove some screws and have a look. There should be a wax paper like cover under the door panel to help keep thinks waterproof, you might have to create a gap in this so that you can see through a hole in the bottom centre of the door where the window motor is placed, This will be the best place to be able to see if you can get in behind the speaker and have a look.
  4. SamDubs

    Fox Project

    Hey guys, I've had my fox for around 5 months now and I've recently started adding a few bits and pieces to it. I'ts a 06 plate with a 1.2L petrol engine. It had around 62000 miles when I picked it up and it now has around 68000 on it. I started off with something simple which was a gear knob change then a radio swap and I recently bought some alloys for it but they were 5x110 instead of the 5x100 that I know now is needed. I have also fitted some new brembo front discs and pads since the old ones were a little worn as well as recently fitting a chrome exhaust tip which I will be adjusting soon as I found that I can remove a plastic cover so it doesn't have to be at an angle. My next goal is to remove all scratches and dents that the previous owners have left for me. I was wanting to lower the car but I don't have a spare few hundred quid for coilovers so I might be getting some lowering springs soon. I have seen people installing Seat front lips onto their foxes so I think that could be a cool little feature to add to mine. Also once I get some new alloys I am hoping to paint my calipers red so give it that bit extra. If anyone knows how to remove the centre console so that I would be able to wrap it that would be greatly appreciated.

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