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Best Coilovers for lowering?

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Hi guys!

Wondering what the best Coilovers are for a 2008 VW Fox to get it over 70mm lower.

I've seen people saying their AP Coilovers go down 100mm but everywhere I read specs for them it says different each time, I'm on a budget so cheaper is good, but most coilovers i've looked at say 30-60mm adjust.

These are the ones i've looked at and have caught my eye (Yes eBay because everywhere else i've seen the same coilovers they've been overpriced):

JOM Blueline - TA-Technix - Prosport

Can anyone tell me if any of those coilovers are good to get 1-2 inch arch gap? or what coilovers other people have used? Thanks.

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