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  1. Breaking my Lupo GTI, 01 Plate in Moon Silver Major bits gone. Engine and Ancillaries Steering wheel Bonnet Bumpers Manifold Available. Fully Polybushed Front Arms and Rear Beam Stainless Manifold back exhaust with centre exit Weitec Hicon GT coilovers Alloys G60 conversion with calipers and braided Goodrich lines Gearbox Carpet Headliner Bootlid Doors More available, please ask Dan
  2. I have one available at AL2 3RS
  3. I have a manifold back fully stainless centre exit exhaust off of my Lupo GTi If you're interested, mates perfectly to a Raceland Manifold.
  4. Morning Team, I have for sale two Abercrombie Beaver Falls polo shirts, brought back from my Holiday in Miami. I bought these with the intention of keeping them for myself, alas they are slight to big and i wont wear them. They have not be worn (only tried on) but the tags have been removed so that i could take them through customs. Abercrombie Polo shirts start at just over fifty pounds a peice, mate that to the £20 standard delivery charge and you'll agree that £40 a shirt or £75 for the pair is a good deal. Regards, Dan
  5. For Sale is my Lupo GTi The car is moon silver, and has 68,500 on the clocks, genuine mileage. The car is modified, and the mods are as follows 15-6.5 OZ Ruote Alloy wheels, recently fully overhalled with Green Decals. Full Stainless steel system, 4-2-1 Heatwrapped manifold and single exit tailpipe, decatted. Lowered on Weitec Hicon GT Coilovers Awesome rear antiroll bar in Red Fully working stubby drivers side heated mirror Sharran rear badge. Corrado 280mm Brake upgrade using brand new carriers and Brembo MAX discs Polybushes all the way round Braided hoses MK4 Recaro interior with ground down bases Momo 280mm steering wheel with Momo boss, no airbag light and working horn. De-Wipered rear. Stubby Aerial The Car is taxed until the end of October this year, it is MOT'd until May of next. The exhaust DOES pass the emissions on the MOT, even with the DeCat. The car under went a FULL windows down respray, aside from the rear spoiler. This was done at Icon Bodies in stafford and is a very good job, would'nt be affraid to call the paintwork near mint. This respray included brand new front and rear bumpers. It doesn't have any rear seats, these were taken out so that the seats could be moved on as a set. Audio wise it has a Becker Grand Prix headunit mated to Focal componants at the front, the H/U has bluetooth capabilities, a long with an ipod connection point. Maintanence wise, its recently had a fully fluid change, as well as a new steering rack gaitor and PAS fluid. Serviced yearly as it is my second car and doesnt get a huge amount of mileage. Its also had new water temp, oil pressure and fan switches during my ownership, as well as two coolant flushes The only issue is that the Central Locking doesnt work, this has been traced to a solenoid behind the dashboard but havnt had the time/effort to fix it. £4700 with the Becker HU, £4500 without More photos on genuine request DanSN117@hotmail.com
  6. Call it £60 Rich and you have a deal
  7. Address is: 154 GTFO out of my thread with stupid offers Windsor Bucks Wd19 5XV
  8. Hey,

    You said you wanted to sell the Lupo alloys for 200 with the two tyres, how much would those tyres cost usually, The only reason im buying some more alloys is because 3 have gone on mine.


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