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  1. Yeah that will be what im after. Its in the same place and it makes sense. I was under my arsoa tdi on the weekend and cant remember seeing one under there so im guessing they might be specific but im sure the brains on here will know better. Thanks for the picture though at least I'm a little closer
  2. I've noticed the cable for my lambda sensor near my cat was hanging down the other day. when i got underneath to have a look i found that the clip holding it to the body was destroyed. I was hoping this would be a cheap easy fix but i have been told you can only get the clip if you buy a new sensor. If anyone knows the clip i'm talking about, do you know if it is GTI specific or would some other lupos/arosa have a clip in the same place? so i can try rob one from a breaker. All i had left was two little 10mm plastic nuts and a small bit of plastic either side. i cant find pictures anywhere online of what it should look like. Thanks, Matt
  3. Sorry for the resurrection (again). I have bought some ball joints after reading this thread. i opened them up today to find they are quite different from what has come off. i was under the impression that the longer bases were for the GTI. but the bases on these new ones seem a longer than the ones i took off. any information on this would be great. Thanks
  4. Just an update on this. Had the time today to strip, grease and rebuild. Although a lot of swearing took place I got this issue sorted. Thanks for you information guys!!
  5. I am finding it hard to explain. The collar pops back to fine when i twist it back. The three/four black prongs. That are under the collar. Seem fused to the threaded part of the cable. I've put some arrows on the picture hope it helps. In the you tube video it seems to move very easy.
  6. Thanks guys I will give that a go on Sunday. Only thing I worry about is resetting the gears. When I twist the spring up it doesn't seem to release From the cable. I suppose when the bracket and things are out of the way. Will be easier to have a look and fiddle.
  7. I have noticed recently that my gear stick isn't bouncing back to the centre when coming out of 1st/2nd. I have tried to adjust the linkage but when I pull the spring back to take up the slack the linkage won't move. The car was sat for around 5 months August to December last year and has had minimal use since. While the car was not been used it was left in first gear. 1. any ideas how to free the linkage up for adjustment? I'm only attempting the up and down movvements at the box because it selects every gear fine otherwise. 2. Could because I left it in first for so long it has affected the spring under where the gear is. So the spring doesn't work correctly forcing the gear stick back across. Hope that all makes sense.
  8. It was mainly my mum that drove it. But I think it has changed owners twice since she drove it. It was sold completely standard to a young 22ish lad from Manchester way. And I was sure I saw saw it for sale around 2 years ago. Thanks. Still got two can't seem them moving on for a while.
  9. This is my Dads old one. Nice to see it still on the road looking well can see it there hiding in the garage about 4 years ago.
  10. I realised on coming back from the Falklands that my horn wasn't working so I did what every one does and checed the horn fuse which was fine. I then checked the headlight washer fuse which was blown. So i replaced it with another 20amp fuse, that blew aswell so then I tried a 25amp fuse quickly to see what happened and once again pop. I'm now stuck on what could be blwong the fuse. Any one got any ideas that could help me out? I have also just had my radiator replaced. Don't know if this could have anything to do with it?
  11. As my car isnt running i thought i would give the brakes a quick look over to check them out. Now i have put it all back together again and the wheels hardly turn. The pistons have been pushed out slightly and will not go back in, ive tried with a clamp to push it in but nothing. My question is when the car is started again and the brake servo kicks in will this loosen up the pistions by sorting out the pressure in the brake pipes? or is that my mind making things up? i dont really want to have to take it all apart again but i thought i would check with you all first. any help would be great. Cheers Matt
  12. i had a look this morning and when taking the leads the coil and it was a mess, there was a white substance all over the first connection the second two the pin snapped and the last one was stuck in i ended pulling the rubber of the actually connection. i have ordered 4 leads at £18 each and a coil at £130 from vbw will be getting them on tuesday so hopefuly will be all up and running again then.
  13. thanks guys i will have a look at it in the morning and hope its as easy as that but we all know what cars are like.
  14. i went for a quick drive in my car tonight and the engine management light came on and went off straight away after. Now it pops on every now and again when the revs get up to about 3-5rpm, it also has started to missfire and not run very well. ive only had the car runnning for a couple of days now (since tuesday). it is a 52 plate with 63k on the clock. i dont know if there is any common problems that i dont know about or if anyone else has had this problem. any help would be great Thanks Matt
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