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  1. mk2

    Lupo Race Build

    Pete you have good taste. A Mk1 and a Lupo... (at least that's what i can make out from your pics...)
  2. mk2

    Lupo Race Build

    Up to date pics? We all want to see how its looking....
  3. I'll second what @Sausage said 👍🏻
  4. Get a lupo. Do it. It'll make you happy. I guarantee it. Just don't venture inside the A406. Problem solved.
  5. mk2


    Service the auto box. You must do it. Both fluids and a new filter. Everyone forgets that autoboxes need servicing as often as engines need oil changes if yiu want them to last.... yeah brakes need stamping on compared to polo. Polo and Golf are too sensitive IMO. oh and welcome to club lupo!
  6. Well according to his lord mayorshipness, anyone in london can afford to scrap their old motor and buy a brand new fully compliant one so they don't need to pay ULEZ charges. Mad. Completely barking mad. So many examples of this but i like this one. A domestic Or office cleaner who just about makes ends meet, carries her mop and bucket in her old banger so she can get around london and clean houses... so take public transport says mr mayor. With all the gear? Yeah right. This really winds me up. I have an SDI which chucks out lower levels of pollutant than a brand new E6 car. Official. Tested at the last MOT, but I'm not allowed to use it in London soon. In the centre already banned. Not happy. so to summarise my rant. Move, use public transport or buy a new car. I'm shaking my head here. You're basically snookered. No lupo above E4.
  7. mk2

    OBD Eleven

    How much did you pay for your obdeleven dongle? Best i can find it for is about £42 (new).
  8. Oooo, that's lovely. Not transport. Art.
  9. Welcome to club lupo! I'd keep it 100% standard. Easier to maintain and worth more when you sell it again. There aren't that many about now...
  10. If ac is working, then it's possibly low gas. The revs go up deliberately when the switch is engaged to compensate for the increased drag that the compressor places on the engine. Ac uses about 2-3 hp at low revs, more at high (up to 10!). If the ac isn't working, the ECU (computer) doesn't know and ups the revs anyway, which might be what you're seeing. Under normal conditions, as soon as the ac kicks in, the revs stay the same (ish), controlled by the ECU. welcome to club lupo!
  11. mk2

    Hello 😁

    Those wheels come off a mk2 golf syncro country. Or at least they look very similar. Your Lupo looks like a new car! Excellent.
  12. mk2

    Hello 😁

    Very nice. Shiney. Someone's been polishing... 👍🏻
  13. That's better 👍🏻 Cheers there are some interesting articles on that other site though, you gotta agree...! @Sausage have you ever changed the chain or felt the need to? I've got a car in on friday for a cam belt- from drawings I've looked at, seems an easy time to swap it while everything else is off.
  14. If the temperature gauge shows the temperature dropping, but you drive normally, @Rich is right. It is probably the temperature sensor. Loss in power is because it is running on a cold program. Plugs were probably dark or nearly black when you changed them... welcome to club lupo!
  15. Yeah, could be a loose hose somewhere, or a split which limits the pressure. This is a good read... http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_223.pdf
  16. Found it here i think... http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_201.pdf
  17. And chains that are pulled and then momentarily pushed, then pulled.... then snap. Reminds me of project miatabusa. They also forgot to take into account why you need clutch springs (or a dual mass flywheel).
  18. Anyone got a link to the 3 pot 1.4 tdi engine vdub learning guide. You know the 30 odd page pdf thing that tells you why certain things were designed in a particular way and things to be wary of? Can't find it anywhere...
  19. Never seen a lupo in White. Looks good. 👍🏻
  20. That's a fair bit of work...it starts at the top of the wheel arch and works it's way down the seam. Once fixed, pump loads of waxoyl in there.
  21. Yes, but so teeny tiny a diesel engine... it'd be interesting.
  22. I had to do a bit of welding on one of my SDIs just the other day.... Ok, so more than a bit, but hey, they are 20 year old cars now.
  23. I wondered the same thing when i did mine. Yeah, they face backwards if that makes sense. As if the bolt bit is dragging while driving. But TBH, I can't see it making a huge difference.
  24. Yeah, you need to gently unclip that metal strap thing that clips onto the top of the battery. There are little hooks sticking out on the ends. Easiest way is with a screwdriver. Push down while unhooking the two sides... no pulling or force required anywhere. I always unscrew them from the fuse holder and chuck. Can be a pain when you're in a hurry. oh, and welcome to club lupo!
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