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  1. Odd - Mine has no such hole - either way, I still can't see how to fully extract one of the alternator bolts with the chassis leg blocking it in (apart form lowering the engine by a few inches so the bolt clears the leg) I hope your new regulator just snaps into place without any p!ssing about. 😀
  2. Mk2 I hope you're able to get the regulator off without the headache of removing the alternator. If not, I hope you suss out a simpler way of removing the whole thing. My method of raising/dropping the engine was necessary (in my mind at least) as one of the alternator bolts cannot be fully removed because the chassis leg is right behind it. If you figure out a better way, let me know.
  3. Mk2 - thanks for the reply. Been looking into my symptoms on all the usual online places and I'm fairly confident it's just the release bearing crapping out. I spent some time today trying to decide what it "actually" sounds like and, to be honest, it sounds like a knackered old, un-lubricated ball-bearing, like the wheels on those sh!t strap-on rollerskates from the 70's. So I'll monitor it and wait a while before i rip it apart. By the way; most engine work I've done on the SDI has been one big, cramped ball-ache. Would one man be able replace the bearing/clutch with a couple of axle stands, good tools, and a lot of swearing? Sausage - thanks for the advice. Although every gear engages/disengages very slick, I wouldn't be surprised if the oil in the gearbox has been there for 100K+ miles, so will swap it out and look for metallics in the old stuff as it's an easy and cheap way to rule it out. What oil would you recommend for the 085? Only asking because I've seen a few contradictions. Would you believe we're approaching 300,000 miles!? Thanks again!
  4. Hi All During thursday and friday this week, I've noticed some strange noises while changing gear. I can best describe it as a whoosh sound that happens only at the bite point when pressing and releasing the clutch. It seems to happen in all gears although I can't quite hear it in 1st (possibly because the normal engine idle noise on the SDI drowns it out). Another noise comes from the bell-housing when in neutral - this one is a rattle/clatter, which goes away when the clutch peddle is pressed. Even just resting my foot on the pedal stops the rattle. What reckon? Release bearing giving up? Rich mentioned in a previous topic... "a clutch release bearing can make a noise for a very long time. leave till it dies" Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Ok, so I used the trial and error approach and eventually got it done... IF ANYONE KNOWS A SIMPLER WAY, I'D LOVE TO KNOW AS I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN ? jack up front on axle stands remove OS wheel remove arch liner (not 100% necessary, but makes it easier to see what you're doing) remove aux belt support engine on trolley jack using a short plank to spread the weight remove engine cover remove OS top engine mount remove aluminum bracket from the side of the engine (the one that the engine mount bolts onto) remove top cambelt cover (again, just to get a better view of the alternator bolts) disconnect battery -ve remove the two electrical connections from the alternator (raise and lower the engine as necessary to gain access to the bolts) remove the two alternator bolts (one of them is hiding behind the aux tensioner pulley so need to wind back the pulley and hold the spanner in place. I used a heavy cable-tie and secured the end of the spanner to the front lower bumper). remove oil filter (unbelievable, i know!) gently pry the alternator away from its mountings (do this with the engine raised) FINALLY, if you haven't lost the will to live by now, have great fun trying to maneuver the alternator out through the bottom of the engine bay. The radiator hose looks like it's in the way but can be pushed to one side to give just enough space. IF I remember anything else that i failed to mention, I'll add to post. NB. i also removed the water pump pulley but can't remember why - probably in the way of something? I Hope this helps someone out.
  6. Good Evening All ! Who here has had the pleasure of removing/replacing the alternator on an SDI? I need to do mine at the weekend (the pulley has broken loose) and want to get my head around the process in the meantime. if anyone has any advice (or better, a step-by-step guide) please let me know. Thanks + Regards
  7. Mk2 - thanks for the heads-up on the trickiness and potential pitfalls... I might not need the screen after all. I watched a couple of youtube clips on windscreen repair this afternoon... So, this American chap, armed with a Dremmel, gently drilled a tiny hole right at the end of the crack, just through the first layer of glass until the drillbit hit the squidgy middle layer. After which he used a DIY resin filler (like Autoglass do). Well, as i said in the original post, the crack has been getting larger at the rate of approximately an inch per day for the last four days. So, I thought at this rate the screen will be completely knackered in a couple of weeks! Sod it then! I did the same Dremmel trick as the American chap and, although I haven't yet bought the resin repair kit, I've given the glass all around the crack a few firm knocks with the palm of my hand and I cannot get the crack to go any further than the drill hole. I'll buy the resin repair kit and report back on the results. God bless youtube (I hope), and thanks again for your advice/caution. CHEERS!
  8. Hi JoeyEunos I thought as much, thanks. I can get a spanner to it from the top of the engine but the cramped space means I can't get enough leverage on it to turn it. So all I really want to do at this point is slacken the bolt and then re-tighten without as much torque as it has now, so when I come to change the pipework I can hopefully do it all from the top of the engine bay. As I have to change the aux belt in the morning, I might as well whip the bumper off at the same time I have the arch liner off. Nice way to spend a sunday morning Thanks for the advice
  9. Hope it's still sorted. If the problem returns... I had a similar issue on the two SDI's I've owned; slight hesitation while accelerating through 2k rpm. After a lot of frustration on the first SDI, the cure was very simple... I blanked the EGR and the problem went away instantly (a little more mpg too). So when the second SDI started to develop the same symptoms, I knew exactly what to do, and again problem solved instantly. (blank panel cost only a few pennies on ebay).
  10. Morning All Will need to remove/replace the power steering pipe assembly (pressure line) on my SDI very soon. Can anyone give any tips/tricks on how the heck to get to the bolt on the pump end of the line? It's a hell of a squeeze down there. I'm guessing arch liner out and bumper off but are there any other things to consider? BTW: I've not been able to find a replacement pipe yet so if anyone in the Gloucestershire/Bristol area has one lying around, I'd love to swap some money for it. (I've also posted this in the wanted section). Cheers!!!
  11. Good Morning All Developed a nice little crack under the nearside wiper that's growing by an inch a day. If anyone has a windscreen in the Gloucestershire/Bristol area, let me know how much you'd let it go for. Cheers
  12. Good Morning All In need of the power steering pressure line/hose assembly (pump-to-rack) for the SDI. If anyone has one in the Gloucestershire/Bristol area, let me know how much you'd let it go for. Or if you're further afield and can post it (quite an awkward shape), let me know. Cheers
  13. Thank you so much for your help and advice. This is how my weekend panned out... I eventually managed to remove the air intake box by disconnecting the main air inlet hose that attaches to the lefthand side of the intake box and sliding the box backwards so i could remove the restrictor trumpets. Once the restrictors were out, i could lift the box off the manifold. The restrictors and the box were all covered in thick black tar. I was able to clear most of the mess out of the box and pipes using some heavy-duty paper towels. There is still a thin layer of the tar all over the inside of the box and some in the pipes which i couldn't quite clear out. I intend to get all of this cleaned when I get a nice weekend. So that was my first job (half) done. With everything back in place, I started the engine. It ran for 2-3 seconds and died! Next, I decided to blank the EGR and its vacuum hoses. (at this point I assumed I had nothing to lose). I eventually removed the lower bolt that holds the EGR and also the dipstick with some penetrating oil and a pair of heavy mole grips (and some offensive language). The EGR was so caked in exhaust crud that i was unable to move the valve with my thumbs. I decided to just blank it off rather than clean it and have it poison my intake for a second time. I made a crude blanking panel by taking the EGR gasket into the kitchen and used it as a stencil to draw round on the bottom of a cake tin. Then snipped a new gasket (minus the hole) out of the cake tin and reinstalled the original gasket together with the new blanking gasket between the EGR and the manifold. I also blanked the exhaust inlet with a 2 pence piece and tightened it all back together. (after all this, I also elephant-modded the CCV with a dishwasher waste hose). So, expecting nothing good to happen, I sat in the driver's seat and turned the key. It started running roughly and, after a minute, calmed down and started ticking over normally. After 2-3 minutes, most of the smoke had died away and I decided to see if it wanted to actually move. It pulled away very reluctantly, stalling a couple of times but kept re-starting and getting more and more revs and distance after each start up. Then it just carried on going and the smoke gradually disappeared completely after about a mile. I drove back home to check my work. Both the front-end and back blanks on the EGR we holding firm and airtight, with no leaking gasses and the elephant was still in position. Since Sunday afternoon i have driven about 90 miles and the Lupo drives like a new car! Much more pull than before and what looks like better MPG. I really need to remove the inlet manifold completely and give it a damn good clean because there's still some of the EGR/CCV crap in the holes which i didn't want to try and clean while the manifold is in position incase I drop any of it into the valves. And also because the lack of CCV vapour might cause the sludge to dry out and pieces of it to break off and get sucked into the engine. I don't actually know if that's possible??????? To conclude... I wouldn't have had the knowledge or confidence to do what I did if it wasn't for ClubLupo, so thanks for creating this brilliant website!!!!! BTW - does anyone have a step-by-step walk-through guide on an SDI cam belt change??? Peace!
  14. Update... Today: Wynns Injector Cleaner in the tank and also directly into the fuel filter and still no-go. In fact, it actually got worse; It would start beautifully and then conk out after 3 seconds. Before the Wynns, it would start and tick-over perfectly, but the engine wouldn't spin over 2k RPM no matter how far the pedal was pushed, so was totally undrivable anyway! I've done a lot of swotting on the wonderful ClubLupo forums and read stuff about the EGR Deletion. So, willing to try anything, I went back outside to the Lupo, utterly depressed and armed only with a WTF attitude and a socket set, I disconnected the flexi exhaust intake to the EGR. Sat in the driver's seat, cranked it up and, f*** my old boots!.. It started and kept running. Not only that! It revved all the way up to red! (i ignored the plume of exhaust smoke that plumed into the air from the engine bay) So basically (hopefully) i've diagnosed a stuck-open EGR valve. So my dilemma is... I can either A: Clean it. Or B: Delete it. Having read what i have on ClubLupo, I would rather delete it (hoping it won't fail emissions next MOT). So now i need one piece of advice... WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO REMOVE THE LOWER BOLT ON THE EGR ??????!!!!!!! Mole Grips? Pipe Wrench?... The designer must've had a wicked sense of humour! This thing is just a small rod, threaded at each end and with nothing to get a good grip on. Pure Genius! I'm hoping a lot of you guys and gals must done this operation already, so PLEASE HELP ME, IF YOU CAN. Thank you all
  15. Good Evening All Been reading as an unregistered user for a few days and decided that this is where the wisdom is to be found. First of all... Can someone let me know how to remove the air intake box from the the in-manifold so that I can clean all the gunky grime out of it and the restrictors? I tried last weekend and, after removing the five bolts and pipes, I was able to move the box left, right, back, forward and up by a couple of inches but couldn't actually lift it off, making the rubik's cube look easy. I know that it's full of crap because i could just about get my fingers inside feel it. (this stuff's still embedded in my fingerprints after a week of washing). I need to clean all the intake because over that last couple of weeks the SDI has gradually lost pulling power (after pulling like a train for the first few weeks i owned it). It got so bad that I'm unable to drive it on the road because I cannot get it to get much over 2k rpm in 1st or 2nd gear, let alone 3rd 4th 5th! And hills! Forget that! Also, it would belch out black smoke and give a sound like that classes tractor diesel knock if i pushed the pedal down. I suspect it's being strangled of air and/or fuel when it's being asked to do any kind of work (it starts and idles perfectly, by the way. no smoke, nothing!). There were a lot of bubbles in the clear fuel pipe from the fuel filter which have disappeared since putting a new filter on. I've also changed the air filter (which was very clogged). There's no cross-contamination from oil-to-water (or vice vera) so the h-gasket seems sound enough, and the cam belt is in good nick. So, is there anything else i should be looking for? It's done just over a quarter of a million miles - so only just run-in, in my book i used to be an avid cinquecento/punto fan and this is my first lupo SDI (my first VW for a long time, actually) and i love(d) it - i'd hate for it to be over so soon. Thanks all
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