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  1. The key is the software. It's not that technical reading a memory location or writing to a memory location- it's just like reading/writing a file in a directory on a PC or MAc... The trick is knowing which memory location is responsible for what function. When you get software, those memory locations are already preprogrammed in and everything is done for you (or hidden). And because Bosch don't release the address maps for the functions on each car, it's usually discovered by chance. The alternate way of finding the addresses is by packet or data stream capture, then playing back slowly, byte by byte. It's how the guys at Rosstech do it. But they have an advantage because Uwe (the guy who set it up) is best mates with a VW dealer who allows him to use the genuine Vdub VAS system, interrogating data real time.
  2. Ooo er. Is @Skezza about to get another SDI? There'll be a nice TDI on here soon I think, if you like 3 pots...
  3. Skez, I can get ROM dumps from my Lupos and send them to you if you want to (and have the time) to do pattern analysis... Most bytes of memory will be identical apart from things like options settings, milage and of course the SKC. I guess the more ROM dumps you can compare, the more likely it is that you can ID which addresses are the ones that matter. You might be able to convince others on here to send their ROMs to you as a project for all club lupo We could have a private members group who know how to do it (I'd suggest long term members only, for security reasons obviously).
  4. mk2

    SDI straight pipe

    Tried it. No good. You need a restrictive exhaust on an SDI because the cam is timed for higher back pressure to increase the torque. You'll probably get more power but less torque. Helps on turbo cars though.
  5. Need rear wiper. Too much road muck on the roads around here, getting sprayed up the back. I love the look of dewipered and delocked though.
  6. I'm fed up replacing rear wiper motors. The central hollow spindle in one of my Lupos has started leaking just like all the other dubs... Everytime I do a rear wash wipe squirt. Water in the tailgate lock tray and down in the wheel well. Is there a fix that doesn't involve a new motor? Again. Or a neat alternative solution?
  7. Definitely well over £1300. EGR is a quick easy (free) fix for those who know how. Fixed, probably with that very low milage for a diesel, clean and well presented, maybe as much as £1900. Nearly as much as the Gti model or the Sport. If you're selling, please post some nice clear pics (inside and out) on the for sale page for all us enthusiasts to admire and wish we could buy it... Oh and where are you in the UK? I have enough Lupos for the time being. A few of us have only two or three and may want another. The Tdi edition of the Lupo is more desirable than many other Lupo models because of it's low tax and amazing economy. They also last a very long time if looked after.
  8. It's always the indicator stalks... Ah, unless you have an after market RKE system, which activates the indicator lights? Could be a fault there...
  9. Tried it on my Lupos. Mk4 method doesn't work, or at least not for me
  10. mk2

    Hello from Kent

    This is a good site I use... https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/search.html?damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=25200&makeModelVariant1.modelId=21&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=ASCENDING
  11. mk2

    Hello from Kent

    3Ls are very rare here in the uk, usually a personal import i believe. You might get lucky though... You can pick up a good SDI still if you wait as they do come up every now and then. Lots of neglected cars about though, that usually get scrapped... good ones hold their value like Gtis. welcome to CL
  12. Did the PIN code, which is related to the rice grain chip in the key start with a 0? Curious to know if they are 4 digits still. Actually... just had a thought. With VAG commander or other ROM code dump utility, you could download the ROM and see if you can find your code sequence in the memory sequence. Then with that info, the common memory address location of all Lupos could be found... we could all get our SKCs. The 8 digit code is the wireless remote central locking code I think. That may also be extractable the same way as the SKC...? What do I know. Just speculating!
  13. I get the general impression from reading stuff on the German Lupo club (https://lupoclub.de/forum/) that once you've managed to extract the SKC (=secure key code, I think), which is a 4 digit number, you can do stuff... VW HQ Milton Keynes used to provide you the code if you could prove you were the legal owner of the car. But not since about 2006 sadly. When you buy a new vdub, the number is provided on a plastic keyfob thing with a scratch card type thing. Or used to be. My mk4 had it tucked into the user manual wallet thing. Almost binned it until I discovered what it was... most handy. But there are a number of SKC extraction apps out there. Not found one that works on a Lupo.... Yet....
  14. Been told that they use OBD port to pair up keys and RKE. So obviously a question of the right software, nothing else...
  15. Guessing M8? You want the copper types...
  16. mk2

    My Lupo GTI

    Sounds like a how-to is needed here....
  17. More SDI pics? Yeah that engine in the mk4 is a beaut. Really is. Shame about the bodywork on early mk4s. Same as my mk4. It's probably going to need welding this year. Both sills, all the way from front to back. Probably cheaper and easier to get another. Plus VED is expensive.
  18. Yeah, you've got a short between the run on supply and the motor supply. You know, when you turn off the stalk before the wipers have reached their parking position- there's a switch inside the wiper motor always connected to ign +12v which ensures that the wipers return to their parked position, even after the wiper stalk has set them to off.
  19. mk2

    My Lupo GTI

    Gorgeous. Cant wait to see it with the refurbed wheels on. Inside looks immac. Nice. Most difficult bit to restore... 👍🏻 Make sure the agreed insurance value is right or if it gets nicked or busted up, you may only get just over a grand for it. Worth at least 3k I'd reckon.
  20. Strong little car... Must have been fun getting that wing off. Was that rim damaged? I'm looking for a set of those 6 spokes...
  21. Good job. So I'm guessing you worked from below, then jacked it up?
  22. mk2

    VW lupo 1.0

    Wow, someone's been busy. if fan works, then can only be ign switch, power relay, fuse or fan control switch. Unlikely to be wiring loom. Does the radio and headlight power come on when you switch on ign? If yes, then the relay is ok. So most likely the fuse. I've never seen a fan control switch fail, but it is possible. oh, and welcome to Club Lupo!
  23. Use the injectors from the AFH, but I would guess that they are the same capacity. If your new engine has been modded, then everything I've said is rubbish! You'll be on your own....
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