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  1. MarkH

    My Lupo Gti

    I got mine direct from VW about a year ago.
  2. A pair of black sunvisors with the attachment screws, blanking plugs etc. Drivers vanity mirror glass is cracked. Will add pictures later. £50 posted
  3. After a driver's side sun visor for my Lupo GTi - mine has cracked glass.
  4. Just to update this - they are GTi specific and available from VW at £41
  5. Mine has a tear in it - does anyone have a near side front GTi arch liner? Cash waiting
  6. Thanks - will have to search a GTi one out
  7. Does the GTi have different arch liners to a normal Lupo due to slightly flared wing?
  8. Now on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142513391298
  9. Genuine, red-edged VW Lupo mats - Push on style (not the later twist fixing versions). I only have two rear mats and the passenger mat though. All in really good condition, just needing a clean. No holes, rips, tears etc £40 posted
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