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  1. I'm after clips. I've DM'ed you.



  2. Hi all, long time no speak (I find this 'new' forum layout really difficult to use if I'm honest). I sold my Lupo about 3 years ago and this has been sat in my garage ever since. Title: VW Lupo Parcel Shelf Description: Dark grey, good condition, has the bits on it that normally break. I purchased it new from VW for £60+ from memory. Could probably do with a hoover. Location: Polegate, East Sussex, BN26. Postage: No idea in the world how to post this without it breaking so I'm open to ideas or, better still, collection. Price: £20 o.n.o.
  3. Was the original reg FG03 VDX by any chance?
  4. Words can't describe how tempted I am!
  5. Why not just take the springs off the car altogether? Try driving around without them, it's not like they do an important job anyway.
  6. NOCK


    I'd clean the throttle body before I even thought about spending any money on doing anything else. If the throttle body is clean then take a look at your spark plugs, then leads, then coil pack I'd say.
  7. I changed for the mid-range Brembo ones, seemed about the same as standard, but slightly cheaper at the time and made by a trusted manufacturer.
  8. NOCK

    NOCK's GTI

    Traded it in at a garage, why?
  9. NOCK

    NOCK's GTI

    So...I sold the Lupo I have a few bits and bobs that I'll not need any longer for sale here.
  10. NOCK

    Throttle body

    Hi, engine codes are different. Sorry.
  11. NOCK

    whats vtec?

  12. It's just a shame that it's Silver isn't it?
  13. As far as I'm aware, the only Lupo that has an outside temperature display is the GTI.
  14. NOCK

    NOCK - Eastbourne

    Haha, I washed it when I got home that evening. It was a state.
  15. http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/
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