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  1. I swapped my leads about 6 months back and it made it a LOT better, still occasionally boggy so be interesting to see where you get with this Any chance you could post pics mate?
  2. My Arosa has had the same problem for like two years now! One of the plugs is like a pool of oil at the minute, is it really as simple as covering it with sealant?! I've been putting it off just because I didn't wanna fork a couple hundred out for the repair.
  3. Anyone got a source? Every time I search it all I see is stuff from around January/February. No mention on VW's website and no recent articles
  4. Is there any way of checking myself without ripping it apart/spending a feckload of money? On a REALLY tight budget
  5. I've had this problem with my Arosa Sport since just after owning it (2 years) Whenever the weather's cold and damp, my engine light will turn on and the car will struggle to start. First time, I had it hooked up and got told it was the lambda, so I changed the front one and all was good. 8 months later it started again, I changed the ignition leads, again problem solved. 9 months on from that it's doing it again, and another problem is whenever the car hits around 4000rpm while driving it lurches pretty heavy to the point where I was on a roundabout and it lurched so violently the car span ou
  6. Parked behind me so I don't really need to describe anything, wash your car
  7. Drove past just by the high school, had colour-coded bumpers, quite low and quite loud Woulda flashed but was following the police and didn't fancy drawing attention to my passenger wiper being dead haha
  8. To put it into perspective, my insurance would have been £1,800 had I paid in one lump, could only afford monthly so they whacked on 37% interest. £210 a month ftl.
  9. Seem to be having alternator problems myself, are they model specific? For example, I drive a Sport, would I need to get one specifically for a Sport or are they just specific to the range?
  10. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/coilover-suspension-kits/gmax-coilover-suspension-kit
  11. Chances of anything with a bit more poke than the little 1.0?
  12. Saw a silver GTI driven by a female around Sevenoaks on my way to a Charlton match not long ago?
  13. Fair shout mate, I refuse to even break the limit if I have a girl in the car, on my own it's a dif story ;D
  14. Nice! O.o T'was the fact it was stripped that made my mate tell me not to even try it haha
  15. Cheers! Yours looked and sounded sweet! Wtf you done to it?
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