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  1. but i have a honda?.... just didn't like how cocky someone with 160bhp could be happy about beating a lupo with 100
  2. doesnt have to be yellow or Japanese haha!, The plan is to give my lupo to my little brother cause he loves lupo's, but i want something can be used for track days, can take some beating and unsuspected to be quick. the Lupo does all of them very well if you do it right, but i guess i just want to build another car.
  3. any ideas what to have next, getting bored of my lupo, and dont want to do a 1.8 conversion, so its going hopefully. want a hatchback 3dr still... anyone like this?
  4. i believe this is muffin's lupo but could some tell me what wheels they are?
  5. Not the best but, i think they look awesome! who's lupo is this?
  6. Same ! Have to photoshop some Meisters on one haha
  7. dam! haha, always see you helping everyone out, or referring them to someone with the best knowledge of the subject! if you cant vote moderators then ill have to go with rich
  8. You sure rich, had alook on google they look slightly different, might be wrong as they might be wider
  9. It's just a sun visor, if it doesn't fit directly mod it to fit, other than that I would just search google for pictures of the two and see if the screws line up from your view
  10. Photoshop, just got to get a black and white picture and then make the outline stand out, color it up, then go on google and find some pixel wheels. Some are already done, so all you have to do is add what you want like i have with the different wheels. got to admit the silver one does look like silvers lupo haha
  11. Got asked a while back to make someone some different colors for your signatures, cause i already have a red one as you can see below, so here you go guys not the best but they look pretty cool
  12. Would the work meister's fit on a lupo can't find the full spec of the wheel and can download the PDF file off there site cause I'm on my iPhone. Just though they would really make the car stand out as no one really has them, but does anyone know the sizes? Thanks:)
  13. Yeah got some Mates about fronting on a corsa Vxr and then other on a 1.4 t-jet punto They both have quotes less than £100 monthly, they laugh at me for having my lupo's but it has got to be the most fun first cars out there. And yeah the girlfriend would drive Tuesdays to college, so nothing wrong there, Just to let you all know got my sport insurance down to £110 bargain! Thanks for the help guys
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