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  1. Quick update. Debadged the rear end. Banshee needs washing she’s filthy!
  2. I got to admit, I do agree with G60s tho! They would look awesome. I’ll keep an eye out on flea bay etc. They do pop up from time to time.
  3. Thank you! I thought same but im digging these little alloys! There quite nice and in decent shape. Thinking to paint them white ?
  4. Yeah it’s not bad! Does have a few scuffs and scars here and there but nothing that can’t be fixed
  5. So here’s the sub I’m installing. Nothing special but will do for me. 250RMS Max and a 10inch active sub. Only paid 40 quid brand new for it so can’t complain!
  6. Just a quick one guys and girls. Anyone wanting to know what 60mm springs vs standard springs drop looks like on a Lupo with 13 inch wheels here you go. I’ve got a build project over in members cars area if anyone wants more info or pics. Hope this helps.
  7. Hey yeah I’ll get it sorted when I get a mins spare. Thanks for the reply! Just got sub wiring fitted and all in neat ready for new sub! 😎
  8. And here’s a before and after for anyone wondering what 60mm springs drop look like compared to standard springs on a VW Lupo. I can confirm it does not rub or scrape and I’m only running stock 13inch rims. Next job coming up for the banshee???? A sub install! 😎
  9. Ok so I got the car lowered today! 60mm all round in springs (for now). Took me a few hours and a few select words for a seized nut but I got there in the end! Also anyone wanting a decent trolley jack I highly recommend the one I’ve used today. I got it from Halfords. It’s the Halfords advanced 2 ton jack. It cost me £120 and worth its weight in gold! Way better that those tiny little hand held jobbies! Anyway enough blabbering. Here’s some pics of the car during and after surgery lol.
  10. I quite like the alloys too, considering there only stock 13s. I’m going to be lowering the car today so will see how she looks and rides on the wheels once that’s been done. I have a few plans for the banshee, including an engine swap later down the line for something a little more special, but one day at a time huh. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 😂
  11. Postman just been. Gonna try get these fitted ASAP weather dependent this week. I’ll be doing it myself at home so bere with me for updates and pics soon.
  12. After installing the new bulbs earlier I did notice the headlamps where hazy and abit yellow and full of road film gunge so cleaned them up best I could for now with some 2000 grit wet and dry and some headlight restoration cream. Looking abit better. I'm going to address the lacquer peel on front grill and bumper soon. Also just ordered some new PI 60mm springs to drop the banshee. Will be fitting them next sometime next week when they arrive. Then going to look at replacing the wheels!
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