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  1. Screw service lights, pointless new technology. Oil should be changed every 10,000 miles or yearly (whichever comes first). Like has been said above check your level every now and then to make sure the oil level stays between the max and min marks, if it has dropped just top it up.
  2. Sounds like your latches were seizing. Clean the latches and cake them in grease. I'd also put a bit of WD40 or similar on that rusty bit to stop it getting worse.
  3. Tried "bouncing" the car by pushing on the bonnet whilst pulling the cable that's hanging out your grille? Should release if I understand your description properly.... Otherwise it sounds like your latch is well and truly buggered.
  4. Pretty sure I saw this car on ScottishVAG too? Stunning btw, solid effort.
  5. Oh and when you do get it open give the latch mechanism a good grease, this is a common reason they get stuck on many cars, they get stiff. It's all about preventative maintenance! Or if your cable has actually snapped it'll need replaced obviously.
  6. You should definately try this first as it's quickest and simplest. Failing that remove the grille and try pull the remaining cable with a pair of needle nose pliers or similar. If that doesn't work get under the car, remove engine shields etc and reach up between front of radiator and vehicle body to release latch. This option is most awkward and time consuming though so try other 2 first!
  7. Shiny shiny shiny, looking good mate.
  8. Tiiiiiiidy, solid effort mate, well done!
  9. If I was given £3k and told to buy a vag I would buy either: mk2 golf gti mk3 golf vr6 mk2 jetta corrado vr6 most likely would get a mk2 golf vr6 conversion though!
  10. Not often you see another Yaris T Sport owner, my first car was a black one, epic wee car! Tornado red is best mk2 golf colour too btw
  11. sam_vr6


    I travelled from Aberdeen down to North London to pick up my vr6. Got sleeper train down to London then pickedit up and drove home, epic trip like haha
  12. I see, never heard of it hence guessing if you meant highline. I love the highline interior so would not consider changing it, if I was to spend money it'd be elsewhere on things like air filter, exhaust, coils etc. I quite like the standard look, just a drop and some note enhancing and you've a winner (more power is always good too obvs).
  13. sam_vr6


    True, I have known a bargain or 2 to be bagged when buying cars, extreme effort though when there's not very many of the car you're after around in the first place.
  14. Completely standard, was gonna do few things to it but the car is so mint, full history and such a low mileage would be silly to start changing it. Probably gonna sell it soon and get something else anyways, mk2 gti or mk2 vr6, corrado vr6 or maybe even a BMW e36 or e46 (M3 or M Sport). Always been a big fan of dubs and beemers What do you mean by "3.5 stuff" btw? You don't mean 3 as in mk3? And the .5 as in highline spec? Mine is a highline (says beside my profile pic etc)
  15. sam_vr6


    Where or who on earth did you buy that off? Doesn't fit the pricing scheme of these: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201302095272525/sort/default/usedcars/model/lupo/make/volkswagen/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/keywords/tdi/page/1/postcode/dd22lg/radius/1500?logcode=p http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201301275080742/sort/default/usedcars/model/lupo/make/volkswagen/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/keywords/tdi/page/1/postcode/dd22lg/radius/1500?logcode=p http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-lupo-14-tdi-sport-not-clio-polo-corsa/1009502728
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