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  1. Yeah I've tried that the first part of the cable from the bonnet release handle has snapped and I've got the other half hanging out of my grille but there's no luck yet :/
  2. ive recently lowered my car (more) but the rear coilovers are as low as they'll go but its still too high ! how can i make the back lower to level the car out ??
  3. yeah its just my car needs an mot and the battery decided to kill its self so then my cable snapped and i cant get it open to jump start it :L just wondering if theres any other way if your idea doesnt work,
  4. thanks mate, shall give it a try
  5. does anyone know how to get the bonnet open when the cable has snapped, ive still got half the cable but when i pull it the bonnet wont release, please help ?
  6. got coloured badges but how do i remove bump strips ?
  7. haha tahnks :L im on about like manufacturer one e.c.t Porsche or vw ?
  8. got som pirelli p slots 14" and i need to know what sorta centre caps will fit ??
  9. nothing will be haha i just wanna know what i can do myself, such as camber and how i can move my front number plte to the bottom of my bumper ?
  10. erm i have stickerbomb haha but nothings painted on the interior haha
  11. well i need some cos i just got some pirelli P slots and i need some wheel nuts for alloys not steelies cos apparently they need different nuts ?
  12. can anyone give me a few ideas of cheap or free mods i can do myself ?
  13. what are the specs for the wheel nuts for alloys ? E.c.t -- thread, shaft, and where can i get some ?
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