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  1. Its really wrong, but I haven't been to bed yet! Still partying.
  2. Those LED strips are pure ultra lightweight bling! Only weigh about 100g for the pair. I just loved having a go with the angle grinder, theres something about the smell of ferrous metal dust and streams of sparks! Makes you feel alive!
  3. Yes, its a pain but its that time of the year again. Andy, please could you do something for me? Any chance you could post up your Emissions test results? I want to see how different our cars are in 'unmolested' versus the manifold / BMC. I know mine runs heavily rich....
  4. Serviced it this morning and had the MOT done this afternoon. CO = 0.18. (Max is 0.20) HC = 57ppm. (Max is 200ppm) Lambda = 1.01. (Max is 1.03) It was over the limits 1st try, so I took it for a sprint run down the Amblecote road and back. Then she fell just inside the limits for the 2 x 30 second intervals and passed the natural idle. I was stressing out! big time, but £43 odd later I drove her home with a clean sheet and no advisory items! The tester said nice car, its in good 'nic'. You look after it! Felt proud. Went home and had a cuppa and a joint to celebrate.
  5. Back to the Dub scene, but on the Hayabusa tangent. Mk1 Golf. 350bhp
  6. Give me a 1300 Hayabusa turbo with 500bhp instead. I know it would end me, but worth the ride of my life!
  7. is the gti a 6.5" or 7" wide wheel?
  8. I have a 9815RB somewhere here. Connect the Black to body ground. Yellow to the ignition live and Red from a 20a fused feed from the battery.
  9. I demand to see the part where he loses a hand inside the wheel!
  10. I just found my old username, I was member number 36, joined in May 2002 when I had my SDi. How the forum has changed! So many great people, good shows and meetings.
  11. M1 Lupo

    the saxo

    I don't see the need for the rivalry. I can appreciate both cars for what they are and potential to modify them, but I'm getting bored with N/A cars. Cost too much to mod / tune.
  12. Better than finding 4 chavs trying to remove your honeycomb grill!
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