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    GSXR600 with full Yoshimura race exhaust, Lupo GTi, Mk3 Golf 1.4 8V, Ruption Earl BMX.

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  1. M1 Lupo

    Arosa 1.4 16v Sport - My Trackday Project

    Its really wrong, but I haven't been to bed yet! Still partying.
  2. M1 Lupo

    Arosa 1.4 16v Sport - My Trackday Project

    Maximum Pasty Attack response car...
  3. M1 Lupo

    Arosa 1.4 16v Sport - My Trackday Project

    Those LED strips are pure ultra lightweight bling! Only weigh about 100g for the pair. I just loved having a go with the angle grinder, theres something about the smell of ferrous metal dust and streams of sparks! Makes you feel alive!
  4. M1 Lupo

    Passed its MOT

    Yes, its a pain but its that time of the year again. Andy, please could you do something for me? Any chance you could post up your Emissions test results? I want to see how different our cars are in 'unmolested' versus the manifold / BMC. I know mine runs heavily rich....
  5. M1 Lupo

    Passed its MOT

    Serviced it this morning and had the MOT done this afternoon. CO = 0.18. (Max is 0.20) HC = 57ppm. (Max is 200ppm) Lambda = 1.01. (Max is 1.03) It was over the limits 1st try, so I took it for a sprint run down the Amblecote road and back. Then she fell just inside the limits for the 2 x 30 second intervals and passed the natural idle. I was stressing out! big time, but £43 odd later I drove her home with a clean sheet and no advisory items! The tester said nice car, its in good 'nic'. You look after it! Felt proud. Went home and had a cuppa and a joint to celebrate.
  6. M1 Lupo

    can you have too much power?

    Back to the Dub scene, but on the Hayabusa tangent. Mk1 Golf. 350bhp
  7. M1 Lupo

    can you have too much power?

    Give me a 1300 Hayabusa turbo with 500bhp instead. I know it would end me, but worth the ride of my life!
  8. M1 Lupo

    nice new toyo tyres 2008

    is the gti a 6.5" or 7" wide wheel?
  9. M1 Lupo

    nice new toyo tyres 2008

    Is there a 215/45/15 size?
  10. I have a 9815RB somewhere here. Connect the Black to body ground. Yellow to the ignition live and Red from a 20a fused feed from the battery.
  11. M1 Lupo

    Extreme wheel refurb

    I demand to see the part where he loses a hand inside the wheel!
  12. M1 Lupo

    Old School Club Lupo

    I just found my old username, I was member number 36, joined in May 2002 when I had my SDi. How the forum has changed! So many great people, good shows and meetings.
  13. M1 Lupo

    the saxo

    I don't see the need for the rivalry. I can appreciate both cars for what they are and potential to modify them, but I'm getting bored with N/A cars. Cost too much to mod / tune.
  14. M1 Lupo

    Car park drooling

    Better than finding 4 chavs trying to remove your honeycomb grill!

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