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  1. Joe

    Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    Got an air, and to be honest, unless you are purely using it for on the road, wouldn't bother. 13" Macbook Pro would be a better buy
  2. Joe

    Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    Superb kit. My 1TB capsule takes care of both my macs and also runs another Terrabyte drive for my music. Everything is just so seamless.
  3. Joe

    My DC2

    Lookin good I'm on the DC5 hunt at the moment. Nightmare finding the spec/age/mileage you want!
  4. Joe

    Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    The base spec Aluminium one is very similar to the white macbook so its pretty much down to whether you prefer the look and think its worth the extra... Main differences technically are 40gig more hard drive space and the graphics memory has moved to DDR3. Its also slightly lighter. Personally I'd get the alumimium one, just because I like them better Another Apple update, now got a 1TB Time capsule that I shall be filling with lots of lovely automatic backups Tis very pretty lol
  5. Joe

    Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    Already slightly ahead of you there ;-) did quite a bit of research a while back into a car-mini. Its been done, it was more a software problem to make it fully a viable option...but that has to be about 18 months ago, so I'd imagine things have moved on. I'll see if I can dig out the info I had. Seemed a very easy thing to do from what I remember.
  6. Joe

    Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    I wouldn't go for an Apple TV over a mac mini. iTunes now offers HD rentals, which was only available before on apple TV. HDMI isn't an issue, just use DVI, which in fact is the same (if you want to connect to the TV using HDMI, you can get DVI > HDMI cables). Use optical audio out on the mac mini and you get all the sound you need. As for keyboard/mouse, I just went for the bluetooth apple jobs, both look great, the keyboard especially, and work perfectly
  7. Joe

    Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    Hence hooking a mac mini up to Big telly-ness
  8. Joe

    Apple Geeks thread 2008...

    Added to my growing plethora of Mac-ness today with a new Mac Mini to create a big daddy home cinema. Teamed up with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, should be a pretty s****y setup once I get some time to hook it all up
  9. Joe

    Autosport Show

    Was an ok show. Glad I had free passes as I would have been pissed to pay £29! No one take any shots of the Alfa Mito on the santa pod stand on red tyres.....first modified mito, goes quite well
  10. Joe

    Tigz 6N2 Polo GTI

    Pictures courtesy of Tigz who is internet less
  11. Joe


    You've given me an idea...... I'll drop you a message
  12. Joe

    Apple iPhone

    TV Plus is a pretty slick app. Links to your Sky+ online account so you can set your STB to record from anywhere. RunKeeper is great if you a runner? Tracks you with GPS and maps your route and gives you some stats etc.
  13. Joe

    PS3 online set up (wireless)

    What kind of protection do you have on your wireless router? What type of security? Any MAC filtering?
  14. Joe

    ultimate DUBS

    Liquid Nitrogen cool?
  15. Joe

    ultimate DUBS

    My god how much of a struggle is this! Just hope the Saturday night is on normal form . Al, the bar better be ready for a messy one

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