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  1. Dave79

    roof bars

    as its says really looking for a set of roof bars for my lupo Thanks
  2. awesome just ignore the pm ive just sent then lol Thanks Dave
  3. Payment sent for cup holder Thanks Dave
  4. i will have it 20 posted send me your paypal details thanks Dave
  5. yea thats the one love the stance and them wheels are perfect mate you got a really nice clean looking lupo, it was nice to see another lupo in the northwest i will stop next time i had my daughter in the car and it was getting late Dave
  6. just got my lupo back on the road after the fixing the pedal box, nip to mac with my daughter and see a bang tidy slammed lupo sat in the car park !!!!!
  7. not mine just spotted on evilbay 170627425015
  8. hello hi my names Dave i have a 1.4s yellow lupo not had it long, i live in warrington, seen a couple of lupo`s around. im sure there was a vag meet at mc Donalds on winwick road last night!!! only noticed as i drove past, seen a stunning yellow lupo so i doubled back and drove thought to have a peek Will post some pics soon Dave
  9. no worries mate any answer is taken with thanks, and to be honest its prob the first time i have done something first that made sense, i normal rip things apart and end up in the s**tlol (i just think sometime give the wrong impression)
  10. i must know more about cars Ashh than i thought as i did that straight away well done me !!!!!!!!!! sorted now anyway was just looking for a bit of advise, for info purposes it was a heater element that sit in the breather pipe when i connected it it was popping fuses so i replaced the heater element and the fuse and we are back up and running, i think the fuel injection system must run on the same fuse, as vag code was for the injection system when replaced no codes for nothing this is why it would not start looks like who ever had the car before just unplugged it as the part was £44.75 for vw Thanks Dave
  11. hi all first of all i do apologise i am new to the site and new to the forum and stright in with he questions (checky bas**rd) ive not had my lupo for long its a 2001 1.4 16v (75bhp) all has been fine, having made the move from aircooled a modern car i must say i am enjoying every min!!! i decided to do a little cleaning under the bonnet and took the air box off, i found a censor plug hanging not connected (its been running fine untill this) had a look round and the breather pipe half way down had the female end so i connected it in now my car wont start ??? any ideas Ps i will put some pic and stuff in the new members part
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