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  1. haha, yess, im sorry to say i think they are a fail
  2. wow! thanks guyss! defo looking in to doing some of these! no one wanting to put eye lashes on there car? haha epic fail
  3. I seen this on seatcupra.net and thought it would be good on here not sure if people want to list mods that could be £10 or less, spraying badgesect.Its also a cool way or getting ideas and stuff not looking for anything to crazy but all ideas welcome ! Lets see how we do !
  4. dear feet, im sorry i had 6 inch heels on last night and dance the night away, but jesus, stop hurting!!!

  5. wakin up still drunk = unreal birthday

  6. think its time to get smashed :D

  7. thank you for all my birthday messages

  8. the girlys who are out for my birthday, meeting at mine for half 7 :D inbox me for my address! Xxx

  9. happy birthday to me

  10. uni? Nah, im off back to college me :D!!

  11. if anyone has a van and is free today, let me know please :D

  12. i hate being tired, i think far to much then feel like i need to ring jezza kyle LOL :/

  13. just going to sit and look at cars, as i will be getting one next month

  14. fresh start this week, new house for jade, my birthday and my driving test in a few weeks! Things are really looking up

  15. sex and the city in bed with jade

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