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  1. When the gearbox on my arosa sport went I pinched one out of a lupo 1.4 75bhp. Definitely improved the fuel consumption a noticeable amount.
  2. I'd want an Arosa with the 170 diesel from Mk5s, remapped, air and all the goodies... Mmmm.
  3. Okay this is getting on my nerves now. Final price drop to £350.
  4. £400 before new years and it's yours.
  5. My dad's close friend has the plate R5 OLE on retention.
  6. Can't believe no one wants this? If you had the tools and know how you could spend a day taking it apart and make a sizeable profit?
  7. Hello mate, yes it has rear discs and yes it's still on the drive. - New contact number added.
  8. Someone buy her, she's just sitting on the drive going to no use
  9. Milage? Condition? Pictures? Location?
  10. £20 collected from HP18 9LR. No postage. Regards; Ben
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