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  1. £400 wheels & tyres, £100 sub, £50 stereo, £30 speakers, £30 grill, £20 plates, £100 springs & fitted, £30 rear bumper, £30 rear lights, think that's pretty much it so about £800 excluding the cost of the car altogether, had to get new front tyres for £100 the other day but don't really need to include that! & the paintwork was all free of charge due to my dad being a car repairer/sprayer
  2. my dad's a professional car painter based in stratford upon avon (west midlands) and would do it for around £100, but you'd have to get a quote first if you're interested?
  3. Finish your arosa then save for a new comp, cars more important
  4. Haha just suggesting the usual things to do really, and some of the things I did on my own
  5. looks good so far definitely needs to go lower and new wheels (or get the ones currently on banded and sprayed) and one of these to match the rear http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3a744db571
  6. Go on to your album on photobucket, hover over what pic you want to resize, then select edit, wait for it to load, then select adjustment, then resize, and then type in what size you want and select apply, then repeat this on whatever other pics you want to resize no don't think they would, pretty sure you need 4x100mm, but i'm not positive
  7. Go on www.photobucket.com, sign up for it, then upload what pics you want, change the size of the pics to whatever you want, then right click and copy the image link and paste it into the photo option when posting on here... simple
  8. Yeah fairly easy, just have to unclip the plastic on the inside of the boot lid then remove all the bolts from the motor then clip the plastic back on and stick the gromet in yeah I know what you mean mate, all worth it when it's done though!
  9. Sounds good so far lucky that it came with colour coded bumpers! You got a mk1 or mk2 btw? Yeah bound to be some nice wheels on ebay, or if not get your steelies banded and just incase you hadn't found one yet: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_190552_langId_-1_categoryId_255229
  10. Yeah definitely go for springs first!
  11. Just a quick one so you get the idea
  12. Yeah they're pretty good tbh, best priced ones I found! Yeah saw the spax ones, don't think there's much difference but it's your choice yeah I am
  13. Got them from here mate: http://www.aktivperformanceparts.co.uk/arosa/pro-sport-seat-arosa-lowering-springs-60mm-051997-2000-2177776-374680-788959.php £86 including postage Cheers mate! Oh right nice you done anything to it yet?
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